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  1. Hehe. That will be for the fans on the follow follow forum. Dingwall will tell them how to behave, and they will do what he says.
  2. Scottish football is just incredibly corrupt, akin to something in Africa. If null and void did happen, although pretty certain it wont, then I hope we take to the streets. fuck covid, and fuck the authorities. Full riot is required to rid us of the SNP and their lovers at parkhead.
  3. OP is right, it has to start sometime or we continue like this forever.
  4. This exactly. The scum do far far worse than us and nothing ever happens to them. We are being targeted yet so many of us are failing to see it.
  5. That Belgian defender they have is absolutely rotten. Looked terrible.
  6. Utterly flabbergasted that people can’t see what a good player he is.
  7. It really does. If it had been great, and FF liked it, then RM would still say it was shit.
  8. Come on, if the people on FF had hated it, the folk on here would love it. The rivalry between the forums is more than a little bit pathetic.
  9. A song about Rangers and people on here hate it. What a surprise!
  10. Absolutely should have saved it. It was bad mistake by him.
  11. Top man is our big Pete . That virgin answer pretty much endeared him to every football fan in the country.
  12. Great work ethic, and fully deserves his place in the team.
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