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  1. Are galatasary any good these days? Not seen them in donks.
  2. They have but McGregor has saved at least 2 goals with unreal saves.
  3. I'll blame him for winning fuck all since the day he came in. He's spent millions and we can't win a domestic cup. What is it now, 6 trophies to play for thus far and nothing. Funny that seems good enough for you, standards in the gutter.
  4. Aye but the Tim's are worse than ever and will get pumped out Europe. As we sit with fuck all trophies since 2011. Some of our fans are beyond help, they are accustomed to failure and now accept it. Shameful but its the same deluded folk who have been playing the same broken record for years. 4th time lucky maybe
  5. Some will literally blame anything to save Gerrard taking some responsibility for being an incompetent manager.
  6. The officiating in our league has always been an embarassment, thing is we used to be good enough to deal with it and use our superiority to bury teams. We have got a horrible habit of feeling sorry for ourselves and folding when things go against us and its always been the same under Gerrard. Why would it suddenly change after 2 years of domestic failure? We all know the end play here but sadly it will be dragged out and more money will be thrown away delaying the inevitable. I'm scunnered with it.
  7. That was 2 examples of players who do zero for us, you also have the likes of Goldson who is a consistent fuck up in important games and Kamaraa and Davis who are masters at the side wards and back pass but couldn't conjure up a telling forward pass if their lives depended on it. Like it or not we have a lot of players on good money who are offering fuck all. Gerrard has spent a fortune at our club and we have absolutely nothing to show for it. We will certainly need years of European football to recover from his tenure.
  8. Footballers in general are a dumb breed, they tend to follow what's popular on social media. I'd wager half of them dont even know what they are kneeling about.
  9. How many times did we pass it sideways at the edge of the box instead of having a pop? It's infuriating to watch as we are doing this with a goals lead at best or at worse chasing a game. We never change it up or ramp up the pressure, it's always at a half arsed pace trying to recreate the perfect goal. Games like today the little flicks and one twos aren't required
  10. We had more than one chance to win the game after that goal. We fucked them up. Are we blaming the officials for us not winning a top flight trophy since 2011? If so we might as well fold and call it day
  11. Our club clearly don't give a fuck though
  12. Depends on what you class as bottling it. We had a chance to go clear at the top but we dropped points and many consider that to be a bottle job. Being ahead and dropping points again could be seen as a bottle job as we fluffed several good chances to wrap the game up. Pissing about with sideways balls when we needed a goal showed the fear of anyone stepping up and driving towards goal or even letting a long shot go. It's not like we played amazing and we're robbed of a well earned win is it?
  13. I just see it as an acceptance thing now. We moan about officials but the club and manager do fuck all about it and we are not set up well enough to make sure a bad call can't ruin a result for us. Gerrards moulded this team to his vision of football and its proven time and time again to be not good enough when the pressure is really on. Until we address the obvious issues with our team and backroom staff we will continue to be a second best. Don't forget it's only a hand full of trophies before our most successful club in the world title is gone to those bastards too. D
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