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  1. Not for me, at the level Canelo is at Billy never had a chance. Eubank Jr trying to get in on it is hilarious. He's about as far away from Saunders as Billy was for Canelo.
  2. Billy was never winning it, he doesn't have the power or skill to beat a guy like Canelo. One clean shot was all it took, same with Khan. They were only there for a pay day.
  3. Billy Joe got his head caved in, arrogant prick deserved it.
  4. He'd have said the same with Aribo, Morelos and the likes. We are not going to be signing ready made stars, those days are long gone.
  5. Arsenal are not even relevant in London anymore never mind England. A diddy club
  6. Pep has a history of fluffing the big one's with City in Europe. Chelsea seem to be their bogey team of late. I'd be raging if we had a chance of a title win and he fucked it. Tuchel has his number
  7. I think they are weirdos, it's just my opinion. No one has to accept it or anything.
  8. If you like to watch random guys play the PlayStation that's cool. I don't think that's the same thing as watching Rangers but hey ho.
  9. Yeah I get people gaming, what I don't get is weirdos who sit and watch other folk play a computer. Like sitting watching someone watching a film to see their reaction. I find it strange as fuck
  10. What other guys play the computer? Society is fucked.
  11. Each one we would miss big time but for me the keeper has made several incredible saves in huge games this season and a good keeper is hard to come by like AM.
  12. 😂 EPL is shite yet its clearly the best league in Europe by a huge fucking distance.
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