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  1. Like PES. Offline modes are done Pish online fantasy football is the way of it.
  2. Aye let's just be miserable after we pumped real Madrid who had well over 200 million worth of players.
  3. Well in. A gave up ages ago, spent days wasting my time trying to get one. Probably be another year before it's readily available 😂
  4. On that showing not many teams we play this season will be able to stop us. That's the standard and it was great viewing. It's always been a privelage being a Rangers fan but the now it's an unreal feeling. Back to the glory days.
  5. Suffering from the worst hangover in my life but this has given me a glimmer
  6. Worst Rangers top I've ever seen tbh. Howling
  7. No chance this mob get past PSV, will be a cricket score. The fenians are dead and buried.
  8. Aye they are barking. PSV will humiliate them on this showing. Fenian bastards have no chance
  9. No one said they were. They were garbage last year and are still the same. The standard of football in Denmark is honking.
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