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  1. It's no shame not being the player he was 10 years ago, he's still got class and can pick a pass but at times his age shows. He shouldn't be a huge peice of our team going forward and he will need replaced soon but not a bad option to have in some games that suit his strengths. Tonight wasn't one of them
  2. Winning ugly. The way Walters team won title after title. No bottle job here, got it done despite not being at the races. This is a different Gerrards Rangers, it's a bawhair away from a winning one. Drink it in bears.
  3. We haven't lost a game yet and are as good as through so it's not that bad cheif
  4. His tears are almost as beautiful as a Lennons. Tramps United
  5. Everyone's streams are all over the place. It's about 5 posts of Yasss then the next 4 posts are FFS
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