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  1. Credit in the bank means you get stay on when playing shite... Some insight there. 😂
  2. Lundstram has been miles better than Davis. He's not doing the job of 1 never mind 3.
  3. Why him. There are several players far worse. Davis is the midfielder who needs benched, he's been abysmal.
  4. Kent and Davis have cost us. Shame for the latter but he looks every bit his age.
  5. And one was because Davis would rather not track a runner and stand pointing like a statue. That's all on Davis.
  6. Eh? He's been putting in great balls that half. I honestly don't get why folk are so negative all the time.
  7. So negative, we have had the better of that so far. Behind to a worldie and a world class save.
  8. We have been the better team in the last 20 minutes. Should be level
  9. Not that great tbh, they have been pish in the league. 7th or something.
  10. Glorious failure The best kind. Stinking wean touching rats
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