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  1. They won't care about the fans. When your are making the money they will get for joining they won't need fans any more. The overseas and tourists will be their market now.
  2. 😂 Fucking howling bastards. Every club involved in this needs folded.
  3. No chance PSG wouldn't be at the front door with the begging bowl out. Those cunts are made for this set up
  4. They don't need fans now, they will rake in billions from this.
  5. And Arsenal haven't been relevant in a decade Domestically and much longer European wise. They are about as elite as Caley thistle
  6. Because it will see the end of traditional domestic cups, European cups and will starve other clubs even more than the current format does. It's glorified friendlies every week with the same teams. There will be no variety just rince and repeat games to shove it down Asia and US throats. It's going to kill what is in place now and the clubs like us who need European football to keep going are going to feel it most.
  7. We wouldn't get an invite though.. This is to serve the elite and those dozen clubs only. They don't want to share the money outwith that.
  8. The way it is now would, it would become a meaningless round Robin of games where egos are massaged and money is shared between a dozen clubs. It's not even close to being football
  9. We wouldn't, no club outside the big hitters would be in it.
  10. Thank fuck he shat it. Guys a loser
  11. They need around 10 players. They have to spunk a fortune for a manager and backroom staff too. We get CL and they are fucked beyond even the most deluded tarriers wildest dreams.
  12. Going to listen to the Gordon meltdown to send me to sleep the night. Glorious meltdown and the icing on top of the cake... The cherry on top was Lennon pished for a day out with a full trackie obv.
  13. Tav was immense remember, easy to forget just how brilliant he was before injury. He will get his place back
  14. The cunts are embarrassed to wear the colors now. Loyal as a drugged up hooker.
  15. Going to earn us a shit ton of money. With European and domestic cup, league ect there is plenty of game Time there for him. Tav is rarely injured but you don't know what will happen.
  16. Brown is still on the park wondering where he went
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