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  1. Joyce is a decent fighter but not prime time, the likes of Fury would just embarrass him. At 35 this is about as good as it gets for him. The young boy DD doesn't have the smarts yet and quiting albeit smartly some will say is a huge mental block for him as he will be seen as a soft touch.
  2. Hopefully the club will resist knowing we can move several big assets in the summer if need be. Can't weaken in January in the position we are in, that's would be lunacy unless it was a ridiculous offer
  3. Real and Barca really are nosediving these days. Don't think either have the money to buy their way out of these times.
  4. I remember the Naz fights on Sky back in the day. My grandpa used to go mental when it was over after a minute. I've never paid for a PPV due to the chipped cable boxes, kodi and Iptv. Fuck that
  5. See guy that took selfie with the corpse got done in by boca ultras. 2 others on life support
  6. Too many bucky chasers down Hamilton for Massimo.
  7. We have seen better Rangers teams lose to much worse than Benfica over the decades. This season has been almost faultless so far and to keep the momentum and unbeaten run going for this long is almost unheard of at this level. The way we have dropped points In these games is a bit annoying but at least we are going toe to toe with one of the biggest teams in the EL currently and not looking out of place. Gerrards record in Europe is something to be proud of.
  8. Here we are arguing about not going through tonight when we have 2 more games to do it and the fenian bastards are already out and demanding a snakes head. Perspective FTP
  9. It's not pish, we didn't get beat and have held our own against a team who have spunked over 100 million on players and play CL football near enough every year. We are joint top and leading our domestic league by 11 points. If that's pish then time to chuck it
  10. Cunt will be dead by May, his feeble heart can't take a protestant uprising. Silly catholics
  11. Hopefully the fight for second goes the sheep's way. Thought battle that
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