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  1. Not saying it is scientific but have heard a few footballers recently talk about how the length of time they were out with injury being roughly the same length of time it has taken them to get form and fitness fully back to where they were pre injury.
  2. Not really a surprise. Speirs writes an article and then only engages in Twitter. Throws out whataboutery and then ignores responses to shut down discussion. Keevins uses it mostly on a phone-in where the host / show isn’t there to set him up for a fall so gets to throw out the whataboutery argument and then, again, shut down the discussion. That is the main issue for me in all of this. Until we get voices in the press and (perhaps more importantly) political discourse that are willing / allowed to be equally vociferous in our defence the narrative is going to remain one sided. Unfortunately our ex-players in the media still try / are forced to play the game fairly (and for some that is a very kind interpretation of their output) and any politicians who would be minded to stand up for us have seen the topic as toxic to their future prospects as our detractors have been organised and launch attacks on anyone who is willing to raise their head above the parapet in opposition to the current narrative.
  3. @The Dude Also can’t be arsed trolling through the thread but weren’t you arguing in the Heart & Hand thread that nothing would come of reporting the Daily Record reporters? Why the change of heart when it comes to Spiers?
  4. Unfortunately doubt it. Unless they are taking action for rank hypocrisy and a general lack of morals on his part then I can’t see any action being taken. As I said far too easy for him to argue for his articles as arguing for rehabilitation and second chances and turn any action against him into him being the victim (again).
  5. Unless I have missed something there isn’t really anything for them to take action on unfortunately, other than the highly questionable piece on Rix, which while was really distasteful could be argued away as a belief in rehabilitation and giving people second chance. He is a troll who rarely hides his disdain for us and I would argue that his selective reporting and rhetoric only serves to contribute to the issue by emboldening anti-Protestant bigotry / anti-British racism, however I can’t recall him ever actually “stepping over the line” to the point his employers could / would take action in the same way the tweets from the DR reporters have. Hope I am wrong though as generally I think the discourse would be far better with fewer voices like his and more honest and balanced reporting; maybe if politicians and editors (as well as reports taking responsibility for their own work) had taken this view for the last decade we would be much further down the line in dealing with these issues positively.
  6. Just taking the Scottish example, the point is that every team in Scotland has the opportunity (however realistic it may be) to win the league every year. The proposed ESL is now a closed shop with entry based on financial might rather sporting merit.
  7. It feels like they are assessing the ban based on the injury incurred rather than the actual offence. Yes it was a horrendous accident, but it was an accident and there are plenty of examples of far more premeditated and malicious tackles that could have been far worse but luckily the player managed to avoid the full brunt of the impact.
  8. Itten has done more in a few minutes than Aribo did all game - what does he have to do to get a start?!?
  9. Big Boydy struggling to hold the grin back!!!
  10. It can be a good wee bet builder at times - some games get none but on the other hand you can sometimes get a run of 3 or 4 consecutive corners. Had a few accas that have been built off “safe” bets like anytime goal scorer etc then lumped in a high corner count.
  11. It doesn’t go up all the way - but there are maybe 15 steps (basically the last flight if you are going up the stairwell with the glass bricks)
  12. I think there is a player in Ejaria, but there were a couple of times tonight when he received the ball and his first instinct is to shield the ball and wait for a tackle to come in which slowed the play down / led to us loosing possession.
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