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  1. Itten has done more in a few minutes than Aribo did all game - what does he have to do to get a start?!?
  2. Big Boydy struggling to hold the grin back!!!
  3. It can be a good wee bet builder at times - some games get none but on the other hand you can sometimes get a run of 3 or 4 consecutive corners. Had a few accas that have been built off “safe” bets like anytime goal scorer etc then lumped in a high corner count.
  4. I can't see how it can be limited to attendance over simply buying a ticket. The Club Deck was closed for the first couple of games with paper tickets issued for elsewhere in the ground. As posters above have mentioned I will be raging if I am being punished in the ballot on the basis of Smartcard not being used when I couldn't use it to access my seat!
  5. They aren't. There had one of their cringe worthy adverts on the radio last week telling the obsessed all their discounted season tickets weren't valid for the biggest team in Scotland visiting them and they would need to upgrade to a full ticket.
  6. Due to an unfortunately timed holiday (!) couldn't make the game today, but managed to watch it in the Bluebell Bar in Costa Teguise. Big shout out to all the guys there, so proud to see bears flying the flag so far away from home, and always nice to watch the gers win in the sun (both in Glasgow and Lanzarote!)
  7. Hey mate, Never donated before so this seems like a good time to start. Put me down for a tenner. Can you PM me the details of how to transfer the money?
  8. I would struggle to disagree with most of them, thought Law was maybe a 6. He was better than recent weeks but I still think he could do with being dropped for a spell and give MacLoed a run in the middle. Also thought Moshni was on for a nightmare of a game at the start but seemed to grow in confidence as the goals went in (no real surprise there I guess!)
  9. Haha should have probably refreshed the screen before replying! Remember at the time his injury being a bit of a running joke as there were a few we had signed that seemed to constantly be injured but he was by far the worst!
  10. I just commented in another thread that I thought Law had been performing below par recently. Personally, I think he is being asked to play to deep, but deep midfielders covering a defence is something we have had since Walters return.
  11. I think Black has been decent for several weeks. Good at breaking up play and reuses the ball effectively, granted it's not an incisive pass everytime with him, but he always has his head up looking for a blue jersey and always makes himself available for the pass. I feel that for large parts of the season Law has been fairly anonymous. Not sure if that's down to the tactics being employed or the player, but he seems to get a lot more leeway from the support for average performances than Black.
  12. DBBTB we must be around the same age!!! I can remember being pretty pleased with his appointment, I think like Inigo said the fact that it was widely known that Advocaat had had a large say in his appointment. Given his early record I think that was rightly justified. Granted the latter years were not our best, I wonder if he would ever be welcomed back as a future manager?
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