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  1. Would bringing anyone else in at this time make things any better? I think not! McCoist is doing the best he can with the squad he has and the financial position we are in! Super Ally!
  2. Aye, hope they tighten up at the back though, was the same with Blackpool last season and they got found out. Norwich and Swansea should be fine for me, QPR not so fine.
  3. http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s320x320/407788_327456887286008_100000650987182_1136486_2138619475_n.jpg Swansea have joint 5th highest pass success rate percentage in Europe!!!!
  4. Kameni signing for Malaga so McGregor not going
  5. Can't understand why you think another manager will be able to do any better with squad? He came in at a very hard time, no money, small squad and hes doing the best that he possibly can! get behind Ally!
  6. McCoist72

    R Alvarez

    Its awryt the guy is my mate
  7. McCoist72

    R Alvarez

    Smart! Make me a Salim Kerkar one?
  8. Can anyone make me a Kerkar sig?
  9. McCoist72


    Kerkar to start on Saturday v St Johnstone possibly??
  10. Aye hes been a brilliant player!
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