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  1. I absolutely despise that cunt. What a glorious read.
  2. We moved the ball quickly in possession tonight. What a difference.
  3. Polo


    It’s been discussed a lot on here, and it might just be nostalgia, but The Goalie was the best ever for me. The fact there’s even a debate shows how spoiled we’ve been though.
  4. Fair enough. Ultimately Gio will know what sort of input he needs and bring in the people with the relevant expertise.
  5. Not all great coaches are great managers. McCann would bring some very useful expertise and insight when it comes to the Scottish game.
  6. Is that line up you’ve posted not partly due to the three foreigner rule though? Can’t remember when it was scrapped but it was a real hindrance to progress in Europe around then.
  7. We were spoiled rotten at one point but it has to be this guy.
  8. Imagine thinking the entire forum wanted Mike Ashley in charge
  9. Is there no way that you could reinvest / gift that £832k into the club Dave now that the loan has been repaid 🤔
  10. Can't understand what I mean? Well, you soon will.
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