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  1. It’s likely that Aberdeen are going to set up very defensively with 3 giant CBs and Cosgrove up front. If they’re going to be pumping long balls up to Cosgrove and focussing their efforts on stealing a goal from a set piece then I’d be inclined to opt for Balogun over Helander. I reckon he will be able to cope with the physical battle better. Saying that, he can also be a bit more rash so we may end up conceding more stupid fouls around the box with him in the team. Hagi needs to start and Kent can come on later to add a bit more energy.
  2. Some of the matches in the 90s were a tough watch. Goram making wonder saves and us sneaking a winner. Seems mental given the players we had back then but I’m a lot more confident in this team to beat them.
  3. Tims are 5/1 to win the league at bet365 for any surrender monkeys.
  4. Great effort with this @Broxi 👍 I think Defoe’s total contributions should be 3 now (2 goals and 1 assist)?
  5. Why? I know the juan guy routine is normally trotted out by them but, in this instance, there was only one guy who said it in the video. No one on here (or seen/ heard on the video) has given him a pat on the back for saying it.
  6. It must have been a Hammarby fan who shouted it.
  7. Agreed. But at least he gives it tight to Sutton on BT.
  8. even a skinful hasn't helped.
  9. Can't sleep. Let's get tore into these bastards.
  10. Well done at Chelsea Chris. You're a bitter miserable bastard whose only talent was backing in and falling over to win free kicks for O'Neill's team of hammer-throwers.
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