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  1. Great effort with this @Broxi 👍 I think Defoe’s total contributions should be 3 now (2 goals and 1 assist)?
  2. Polo


    Lacking confidence and needs a couple of goals. He wasn’t great in the first half but improved a lot in the second and was involved in some decent link up play.
  3. Probably McGregor and Edouard. Christie, Ajer and the rest are massively overrated and wouldn’t get into our starting 11.
  4. Polo

    Glen Kamara

    Absolutely superb today from the wee man! My man of the match.
  5. You can do it yourself if you’re prepared to deal with all the admin. You need to get in touch with banks, building societies, pension providers etc where any of his assets were held and ask them for details of the amounts. They will probably ask for a copy of the death certificate and maybe proof that you’re the nominated executor (a copy of the will showing you have been appointed maybe). Then you need to complete an inventory with all of the items he owned and values. You’ll need a valuation for the properties but you can probably get away with a rough estimate for things like fur
  6. Definitely. Better than the pints you get in a lot of places. Do you get your kegs off BeerHawk?
  7. Yeah I’d heard similar. The keg I had was good though. Will need to sample a few more 😬🍺
  8. Yeah just finished a Spaten Oktoberfest and it was great 👍
  9. Nice. Haven’t tried the Goose Island kegs yet. They’re next on the list. Löwenbräu and Leffe Blonde arrived today 👌
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