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  1. Just as well Katic wasn’t there Be like a scene from The Walking Dead with heads exploding all over the shop.
  2. Hope Arsenal absolutely scud them.
  3. I’ve got zero faith either. In normal circumstances you’d think there’s no way a governing body with a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to racism would let this slide. All they need to do is interview / take statements from the players and officials involved (and who were in close proximity) and then decide which version of events is the most plausible.
  4. In charge of the Slavia Twitter account now I think.
  5. This is pretty binary - Kamara says he called him a monkey and the Slavia cunt says he called him a ‘guy’. The Slavia cunt was right up speaking in Kamara’s ear in an empty stadium with his hands cupped. There’s no room for confusion here about what Kamara heard versus what the guy said. That means one of them is lying... now, is it the placid guy with no history of bad blood with opposition players who’s standing there minding his own business who then decides to go mental and get the Slavia cunt in trouble for no reason? Or is it the guy who runs 40 yards to get involved in a confrontation,
  6. “It wasn’t allegedly said, it was said” 👏
  7. Kamara wasn’t even involved in the ‘foul’ which led to that free kick. He was just standing there minding his own business before that cunt came steaming in to abuse him. Did Kamara make any “unprecedentedly malicious” tackles during the game? Their justification for what this guy has done is laughable.
  8. Brilliant from Gerrard - apart from referring to there being a title ‘race’ this season
  9. Exactly. They’ve been all over social media calling for fans to ‘pyoor defend ra stadium’ but there’s not been much I’ve seen about Rangers fans gathering for it. May have been a different story if the game had been a title decider, mind you. They’re making a mountain out of a molehill - as usual.
  10. RIP Ugo. What an unbelievable finish. The pain from Crocker in that clip 😂
  11. Absolutely fucking ridiculous save 😂
  12. Let me get this straight. The filth take to Twitter to suggest that a football club is a limited company so Rangers died when the company went into liquidation. Then in the same tweet they suggest that they’ve been one club since 1888, despite the limited company (Celtic plc) not being incorporated until 1897 😂
  13. The hearing is after the game at Torbett Towers?
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