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  1. What a performance 💦 🍆
  2. This is the only VHS I own. Despite not owning a VHS player Took me a while to find it.
  3. I hope we can persuede him to sign for us
  4. They were done to death in the old thread in the transfer forum. Fresh slate here to start again 😬
  5. No, that’s not your style mate.
  6. Absolutely fucking love having him in our team.
  7. Polo


    Patterson isn’t coming in after isolating. He’s going to get a significant ban.
  8. Polo


    Is Barisic out too?
  9. How’s Bora Bora at this time of year?
  10. More like £30k a year at current exchange rates @EverestGers
  11. Cheers. Yeah we’re actually really lucky this came out when it did and the boys hadn’t been back at Auchenhowie mixing with the squad.
  12. What are the rules around that mate? Would close contacts at the club need to isolate purely because those 5 had been at a gathering and received penalty notices? Or would there need to be a link to a positive test for that - i.e. one of the 10 at the gathering would need to have tested positive?
  13. 15 point deduction mate.
  14. Polo

    Ryan Kent

    That’s outrageous from Goldson as a CB
  15. The video accompanying the announcement is ridiculous too
  16. Hahaha! Those replies are priceless. This one was a belter.
  17. Wanting the 2008 Scottish Cup awarded to the scum when they weren’t even runners up
  18. Are you a Gollach? Hard luck mate.
  19. Aribo very lucky to be starting. He’s better suited to this kind of game rather than an away day battle though so hopefully it’s a much improved performance from him. Itten hard done by to not get the nod ahead of Kent too.
  20. A few whooshes here I think
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