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  1. I was raging last weekend because of the potentially huge damage it could have caused to our season, but after his interview, his reaction to his goal and his emotions at the end of the game, I'm happy to back off. Correct decision by SG. What if Balogun had gone off injured and NP wasn't on the bench? Welcome back ya wee daftie.
  2. You're correct, they didn't stroll into training, but not because they were clever or street wise, because they were caught being dumb and weren't Allowed to go to training. None of their actions that weekend showed they had the grey matter to call SG and say "sorry boss but we've been very naughty children" so it's probably reasonable to assume that they WOULD have swanned into training and said nothing. That's the difficult bit to accept for me
  3. Govanblue is an excellent fundraiser. Could he not organise a crowd fund and we could pay for a 10ish year's contract for TLB? Can't help but feel sorry for the man. PS I tell porkies.
  4. Just shows the "quality" of the man. Absolutely no class. Crawl back under your rock. Don't let the door hit you on your arse on the way out.
  5. He'll have homers lined up with TLB. That gob will keep him going for many months.
  6. If BIB is correct about the club being responsible and therefore subject to being punished, taking it a step further, if an employee committed a serious crime (in his own time) would the company be fined or management jailed for it? Nah, doesn't sound right to me.
  7. Be good for a yodel though. Think of the echo as she opened up !!
  8. So much pish being written by some I thought I was in a public toilet.
  9. In truth, whoever grassed them did us a favour. Things would have been much worse if these dicks had just turned up for training without saying anything to anybody.
  10. True, but you're correct, covid wasn't a thing when these guys were playing. Different world.
  11. You don't understand do you? There was no PANDEMIC when Gazza etc were getting pissed. Guys turned up at training with a sore head etc but there was no PANDEMIC and no team mates were injured in the process. 120,000 people dead, but lets have a wee party.
  12. Obviously different set of rules.
  13. Yeah and who gives a shit if you pass it on to family members eh? At least you'll get a chance to wear a suit.
  14. Agreed, but in this age of information,were they not aware of the rules in law and within the club? Do they not "get it" with regard to the fans and the 9 years of shite we have had to suffer? There are plenty of role models within the club both on the playing side and the coaching staff.
  15. I think the issue is that we were stupid, daft etc but there wasn't a pandemic going on which so far has killed 100,00 + people in the UK.
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