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  1. One word for Sir Walter - CLASS. The man they all wanted to be. A sad sad day.
  2. So you think that Pedro or Super would have done better than SG had they been given more money? Dont think so.
  3. I think he slipped (like all the players did today) rather than ducked out.
  4. Another good positive post. If you were a battery you wouldn't have a red terminal!
  5. Yes we should recognise and appreciate a flare player. Too few in our game.
  6. Yip SG and his team just dont have a clue.
  7. Yeah,before the game he was "nearly 40 so needs replaced". In the 92nd minute the nearly 40 year old won the ball on the halfway line and we nearly scored a 2nd. Class - and gutsy.
  8. We left Glasgow by bus, all singing "we're on our way to Germany". Got as far as Penrith and the polis arrested the bus. Took us to the polis station to check for drink. Of course by the time we got to the polis station, the bus and all of us, were clean.
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