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  1. Goldson said in his RTV interview that 55 was in the past and it was time to look forward to 56, 57, 58. He may have been talking about the club and not necessarily about himself. I'm sure the dr wouldn't take his comments out of context, would they? However I hope its true.
  2. He said in his interview that he was unfit at this point in time. You're right, a week of training with his new mates and then we'll see how he does.
  3. Should have played him unfit to give the boo boys a chance to slag the shit out of him. Opportunity missed.
  4. So is it Brighton on 24th and RM on 25th? Tough schedule.
  5. Don't understand why some on here can't see the value of Jack in our midfield. Neither Slavia nor St J would have bullied us if Jack had been there. Totally underestimated by some.
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