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    Jordan Rhodes

    He is a PA of Rangers directors, All kept there roles that were in civil appointment when Whyte bought the club. Hes been there when Bain was there and is there since bain went. Ive no need or motives to lie about it.
  2. LDS

    Jordan Rhodes

    Just wait till morning and see if anything materialises.
  3. LDS

    Jordan Rhodes

    Hes a personal assistant of directors. He told me Healy and Jelavich were to sign before it was even discussed in paper. So im half believing him.
  4. LDS

    Jordan Rhodes

    I know this means SFA from someone who has only joined but I joined to say that a friend of mine working in Ibrox said that Jordan played his last game for Huddersfield today that he is to be arriving in Glasgow tomorrow to open up talks. Hoping its truth.
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