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  1. Bells aiming to be back for some time in January. Don't know about Zalukis
  2. "Oranje and Blue" Arthur Numan's is worth a read.
  3. They're desperate to get a precedent set against a football club that cannot defend itself so they can chase others. It hasn't worked and they should have taken the beating and stopped when they lost the original case.
  4. A huge congratulations!! The man epitomises Rangers. It was amazing to see him bag his 100th career goal and to do it on the day he led out the Gers as Captain. Through all the deserters and men who would like to call themselves Rangers, he stands head and shoulder above. Hero
  5. Lingo that some other jumped up fanny utilised very well to make himself "known"
  6. Might be because the idiots ruining (oops, running) the game decided that they couldn't decide on anything at all really and put off another attempt until this coming Friday to make said decision. Just a thought.
  7. There'll be no vote tomorrow, their lack of spine will see it deferred until someone else makes the tough decisions.
  8. I'm glad someone has come out and brought attention to this, whether its the RST or anyone else. Too many have been willing to kick us hard when we've no way to defend ourselves. Hope they get somewhere with this.
  9. Bazza

    WATP Clan Website

    Quality m8, well done! I appreciate that it's the game colors but can we not get rid of the green and add a touch more blue, or even red?
  10. We need a clean slate, a new start with new ideas and methods. I'm not in favour of Murray, AJ, Whyte, anyone that has been involved in this mess, coming back and this doesn't make things any better for them.
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2103748/Former-Rangers-keeper-Andy-Goram-admits-alcoholic.html
  12. Strathclyde police say they won't police the game against killie unless they are guaranteed there money. Public servants indeed...
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