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  1. Just back from a cracking day at Dalmahoy. Excellent course, reasonable score, for me anyway, and good company. Well worth a visit.
  2. I forgot about this thread as my clubs don't usually come out until April! Can't do the 13th unfortunately. Unsociable working hours loyal.
  3. Just as an aside if anyone wants to come down this way again I'd be more than happy to set it up.
  4. Hopefully I can get to this next game after missing the last. Troon sounds good, never played over that way before.
  5. Twas a beautiful day Well done the Hearts, you may be bad but at least your no as bad as them!! Hahaha
  6. Bazza

    Ibrox Disaster

    Raise a glass for absent friends.
  7. Reserve game. Time TBC.
  8. Reserve game. Time TBC
  9. Reserve game. Time TBC.
  10. Reserve game. Time TBC.
  11. Reserve game. Time TBC.
  12. Reserve game. Time TBC.
  13. Reserve game. Time TBC.
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