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  1. Did you see the stranraers goalie he looked like a lesbian
  2. Loaning players to teams higher than us
  3. Do you reckon if I take it up tomorrow they can take links out & be ready for full time?
  4. 5-1 against the beggars home leg against bremen in 2008 dont know why i could sense something 1-0 davis against the beggars gazza v aberdeen, had been to every game that season and took not well after playing for the BB that morning
  5. Haw yous! Wit yeez dain playin that tune your culture has fuck all to do with MY club!
  6. Its the badge on the front of the jersey that gave you the memories not anything else
  7. Just got my ticket for this ! Will be going on my own though or at least with nobody I know!
  8. Its best trying to ignore that spineless mickey bastard you quoted.
  9. Sure enough to travel all the way to falkirk without one?
  10. Sure enough to travel all the way to falkirk without one?
  11. Will join u if cant get my hands on any
  12. Bizarrely enough its your posts in this thread, attacking a bear for calling into question the sexual habits of these foul creatures, yet you opt to call one of us shameful and wee flashy Forrest escapes your judgement? Like I said, bizarre but certainly not surprising considering its you, bheast.
  13. You watch pony cartoons & I'm the nonce, you're a bheast its plain for all to see
  14. Yep hope he gets a sentence for this disgusting crime
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