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  1. Lol ive got an insider im sure hes posted on this thread
  2. http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=53905066 Dont say im not good to you troops btw obv
  3. LOL! Its my pal, he done the gemma milligan page too
  4. But Lucy, this is my real account. Deranged.
  5. Again Lucy, it's not an opinion, its a fact.
  6. I don't "think" you display the symptoms. I know you do.
  7. You display every symptom of a person suffering from histrionic personality disorder. Go to a doctor for your own good.
  8. ....But refuses to deny obviously true virgin statement
  9. Thats not my facebook you strange little virgin
  10. :lol: Taking a pic of that fucking abomination. Devlin is a fucking weapon of a boy.
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