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  1. Maybe Mike Ashley could do a big 🖕nip in at last minute and take Howe to Newcastle.
  2. Why didn't he wait and welcome Kamara as the team bus arrived, why didn't he do it inside, or walk into Rangers changing room, or have a word in the tunnel pre game, all away from cameras?
  3. SG......Right boys, ill take their management team out onto the pitch to speak, while we're out?........get fucking stuck in!
  4. TikTok......cause we live in the Taigs heads rent free
  5. David Martindale doing deliveries
  6. Valentines night, and we're all on here talking football, only in Glasgow.... who's says romance is dead? 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  7. I moved into Kenny Millers old house, and the guy next door said it false info, taigs at it
  8. Goram Hutton Butcher Gough Numan. Souness Gazza Wilkins Laudrup McCoist Hateley
  9. From the time he got on the pitch, what's the census? Is there a player there? Could he offer something different? Reading RM match, seems confident and didn't shy away.
  10. ......All good mate, Rangers haven't started playing, tuning in at the right time 👍
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