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  1. Well, that is how game with Atromitos was seen in Poland. But maybe it was quite easy in a context: Legia had big problems even with Europa FC from Gibraltar, played shit with Finnish KuPS, lost with almost everyone lately, just like other Polish teams (not one during this campaing beat their opponent, champion Piast Gliwice lost with BATE and FC Riga). So for Polish football fans, natural born pessimists, games with Atromitos went suprisingly easily.
  2. Few facts. Last good Legia campaign was in season 16/17, when they played at Champions League and managed to finish third above Sporting Lisbon. No player from that team is still in Warsaw (okay, second goalkpeeper, Radoslaw Cierzniak, who still is second goalkeeper). Even chairman changed, from Boguslaw Lesnodorski to Dariusz Mioduski. Lesnodorski was a guy who liked to throw dice, risk a bit, spend more - that is how he made Legia a Champions League team. Mioduski's biggest project is building an academy for Legia. That is something, that is the most important right now. And that is why in summer Legia took only few players from Polish pish poor Ekstraklasa. Saying so, getting to group phase is an absolute priority. Legia had two disastrous seasons, when they got beat by: FC Astana, Sheriff Tiraspol, Spartak Trnawa, FC Dudelange. This year they started with a draw at Gibraltar. Also games with KuPS where absolutely awful. But last round with Atromitos was pretty good. Total domination at home, like 30 shots to one made by Greeks. Score still 0:0, but easily beat Atromitos at their stadium 2:0. Many Legia fans dont believe that coach Aco Vukovic is good enough for the job. He is a club legend, but he has absolutely no experience, this is his first coaching job. In terms of coaches, Legia was running a circus lately: Sa Pinto for a while, Romeo Jozak for a while, even Dean Klafuric for a while, who before Legia was coaching Croatian Women National Team. Don't ask me to explain how that happened. Chairman Mioduski lost plot few times already. I believe though that team is slowly getting its grip. It would be more dangerous with a experienced coach, Vukovic never played a game as important as the one that is waiting for him in play-off, but there are good players in the team. Centre midfield looks quite strong: Andre Martins, former Sporting Lisbon player. Cafu, former Ligue 1 player, and Walerian Gvilia from Georgia National team, who is taking all the free kicks, corners and such - he's pretty good at it. You have here three centre midfielders and every each can get the ball upfront, and each one can fight well in defense. Cafu was injured during first Legia games, so when he started playing - like during away game at Atromitos - it was visible how better Legia look. The biggest summer spending was Arvydas Novikovas, winger bought from Jagiellonia. Ekstraklasa star, but he is a massive dissapointment so far at Legia. Makes too many bad decisions, shoots from weird positions. Luquinhas, left winger, looks pretty good, he really can dribble. Can't finish though. Finishing is actually the biggest Legia problem. When they played at Champions League, they had two decent strikers Nikolic-Prijovic who could fire at will, that is how they get Legia to scores like 8:4 against BVB. Right now i don't see any good striker at Legia. Young Sandro Kulenovic might have a great future ahead of him, but he is just 19 years old. Was absolutely awful so far, ruined great chances during Atromitos games, wasted penalty during KuPS. He is getting lots of chances because he can be sold for fat bucks. I think he will play against Rangers too just because of that. Strong kid, but he wants to score so much, that he takes shots when he should pass. If he won't play, there is Jaroslaw Niezgoda, actually won Striker of The Year in the season, that got Krzysztof Piatek to Italy. But Niezgoda was injured for a whole year, he is still looking for form. Most people would like to see spaniard Carlitos at 9, but Vukovic doesn't see him there. Carlitos can finish, can shoot from distance, he simply know what football is about, definitely much more threat than Kulenovic. Legia scored just three goals in league so far, just one from action, two from set pieces. They had problems at creating chances, though maybe Cafu back in the team will change it. Defense is solid, but don't focus on the fact, that Legia haven't lost a goal so far. They lost two at home to Pogon Szczecin, lost one at Korona Kielce. Especially against Pogon their defense looked pish, but i agree, that it looked better lately. In the goal you have Radoslaw Majecki, who is the next Boruc or Fabianski, will be sold for few million pounds soon. Still, young chap, sometimes make mistakes, but definitely a big talent. In defense you got former Polish National Team Players Artur Jedrzejczyk and Igor Lewczuk. Right side - Pawel STolarski, nothing special. Legia bought Serbian National TEam Player Ivan Obradovic on left side, but he is playing in reserves so far, had fitness problem. Maybe he will play against Rangers, without him probably Luis Rocha will play, also nothing special. On flanks definitely there is most space for Rangers. The fans are absolutely crazy about playing Rangers. They will definitely prepare something special for these games.
  3. Well, they are definately not liking the fact, that have to play against Rangers for group phase. Last two seasons in Europe were disasters, they really need success.
  4. Everywhere. You can ask anyone you meet in Poland for pierogi and he will make it on point.
  5. I live in Poland. I started supporting Rangers in 2011, after lost games with Maribor. I know it sounds strange. Was unemployed, had lots of free time, was incredibly curious what do fans feel and talk about after such bad score. So i found Bears Den. It was the starting point. I liked Bears Den and started reading it on daily basis for quite a time. Got hooked. I don't read Bears Den quite often now, but I still support Rangers, I try to know what is going on, when someone asks me who i follow beside Polish football I always answer "Rangers". Wrote several articles about The Gers for Polish press too, was happy to write about last year Europa League campaign.
  6. We call it energia wiatrowa. Yes, of course i played ring bang skoosh, i play it every day.
  7. Carlitos. Spanish player, top Ekstraklasa scorer, can finish, can shoot from distance. But he doesn't play. New coach, Aco Vukovic, have some sort of a beef with the guy. Also, Legia prefer to promote Sandro Kulenovic, Croatian 19-year old striker, who was at U-21 Euro this year. Kulenovic can be sold for good bucks, Barnsley was asking about him, and Carlitos cant.
  8. Beer on a stadium - around 10 złoty. Quite a bit for us, cause same beer costs in a shop for like 3 złoty. Still, it's about 2 £.
  9. Hi. If you would like to know more on current Legia form or anything related, I work as a sports journalist in Poland, hopefully will be able to tell something more insightful. Feel free to ask, cheers.
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