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  1. Absolutely gutter to lose that. Once again so many mistakes costing us. Got lucky at the end with that fumble. Hopefully never see Rodgers in a Colts jersey again
  2. McGregor Tavernier Goldson Balogun Barisic Aribo Davis Karmara Hagi Morelos Kent
  3. Regardless he has been missed last few games
  4. This. It's happening too often these days. Juast asking for pressure to be put on our goal.
  5. I wasn't directing at you. more the support in general
  6. We have at times the worst group of fans I know. About 2 months ago people were writing him off and now we are singing his praises. He is a young boy with massive potential. He is the type of player who will try passes etc that a few times wont come off but when the do you're getting a goal. At times I am thankful we arent in Ibrox at times because the abuse him and some players would be getting at times is shite.
  7. Big loss if he is out but a midfield of Davis Kamara Aribo should be fine.
  8. Mcgregor Tav Goldson Helander Borna Kamara Davis Arfield Hagi Roofe Kent Can see this being xo
  9. Been ropey last few weeks. Get Helander back
  10. City gave Guardiola a new contract hahahahahaha
  11. Badly out of form and trying way to hard. Wee spell on the bench and a run fir Itten
  12. Should be a routine win. Hopefully we are quick out the blocks and get a few goals up early
  13. He's a striker and we are playing wide of a three
  14. Fucking Colts and Fucking Philip Rivers,
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