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  1. He is lining up to be brazils long term replacement on talksport so tries to keep everyone happy
  2. Long covid won't matter when admin strikes
  3. We should try change our fixtures so we can play the tarriers every week
  4. Yeah he will have plenty contacts etc because he is willing to spread any cunts message for them
  5. Yeah mate hopefully not but even before that you just hope he isn't left with any permanent damage , wolves statement just says he is comfortable after an op
  6. https://m.facebook.com/Lounge72Uddingston/
  7. They will all be under the carpet
  8. Need to watch for flying tarriers near any bridges
  9. There's no guarantee that they get any new manager bounce because they have so many problems , players are still going to want away , their fullbacks are hopeless defenders , their captains legs are gone and they don't have a replacement, their not things a new face automatically fixes
  10. He comes across there the same way Danny rose did in the spurs show when talking about "what about milan" delusional bastard
  11. Nah I made a belter of a Johnny doyle joke last night , backed away from the oversized oven joke last night
  12. I'm sure they don't think this is gonna be some masterstroke thats gonna sort everything though
  13. Disagree , and we never had the space or set up we have now
  14. I know were supposed to laugh at everything the tarriers do but I don't get all the jokes about the lounge when we have just set up a players lounge at the stadium and I'm sure pretty much everyone agreed it was a good idea etc
  15. Yeah you wouldn't be knocking it back if offered , some views over the city too
  16. Horrible story and good your on the mend mate but they've replaced your toes with monster munch
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