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  1. Just once, I would like to see a thread like this where the op has the baws to actually call people out instead of the cryptic shite. Would make for a much more interesting read. What say you @falkirkNS? Are you up for sharing even a few of the posters who don't make it into the new section?
  2. What makes you assume that mate? With the 3k to be moved for the Feyenoord game, the public sale will be very limited as it is.
  3. Except when it comes to sponsoring wildlife?.😂😂
  4. Yeah, fair enough mate. I was lucky enough to have been at both, so always hard to choose. 👍
  5. It was hard mate, but still not as hard as this bad boy imo. 😁
  6. My brick is in the Albertz panel at Ibrox. Couldn't be prouder. 😁
  7. Maybe read all his posts before jumping on the high horse?
  8. He would have been quick enough and dynamic enough for our style of play last week. 😣
  9. She will get a ticket elsewhere STG. I think as it was an early decision, all 3k will be relocated to other seats this time.
  10. Why the fuck am I just finding this thread? 😂😂😂 Fuckin brilliant. 😂😂😂
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