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  1. I am sure your priest could fill you in on that, while he is filling you in so to speak. You still don't get the spelling, I blame the schools and the bheasts.
  2. I thought you would recognise it, it was clownish for your benefit.
  3. As title. Craig Whyte was on the blower to The Herald, not at all happy. I had written that HMRC were "all over" Rangers not just because of the big tax case he inherited from Sir David Murray but also due to things that made them suspicious about Whyte himself. The article also speculated about whether the Ticketus deal meant he may not be the preferred creditor when Rangers went into administration. The chairman and owner of Rangers Football Club, custodian of the oak-panelled boardroom and the marble staircase, described the article as "complete pish". There was the usual talk of us mayb
  4. You are showing a typical taig trait always liking to have the last word, you do get yourself into a paddy over things, there you go with the excrement thing again, perhaps the dirty pushing yours back a fortnight is what gives you such a fixation with the subject. So what's your latest viewpoint on murray the robber baron, still think Ally was right to publicly support him, I know you won't answer because that would mean having an opinion, as we know you don't do opinions and don't think anyone else should except Ally of course. I would through you a lifebelt as you are drowning in your own
  5. The only choice cunt about here is you the murrayite, but you are funny I may entertain myself with your ramblings a little longer, I would have said opinions but we know you don't have any you want to be everyone's chum.
  6. No less than is expected from a murrayite , your fixation with excrement is strange but if it floats your boat and you spew enough to float the Queen Mary be happy don't worry, I doubt you ever had a thought or opinion in your puff if you did it died of loneliness.
  7. You mean the thread where you shat it and sat on the fence apart from backing Ally's support of the robbing bastard murray ? Ally is not a very good manager and his backing of murray is a boot in the baws for right thinking bears, that obviously leaves you out. There are not many things more dangerous than a tadger to frightened to state an opinion just like you, but you support the robbing bastard and petrol bill dodger at least I know what side you are on, but there again,
  8. What a fukin clown no wonder no one takes you seriously a bigger bum than forty arses.
  9. Park was at Ibrox on Thursday, I am forgetting you are always right forgive me.
  10. One thing I don't wonder about is your leanings, I don't wonder how you insult a good Ulster name, still taigs never bothered me they aren't worth it your category to a T pretty bhoy.
  11. Soapy Soutar may have something to say, he has already spoken with the administrators as has Park.
  12. The answer to that and why murray minor and aj plus his incompetents waited until it was to late and pointless may well be the answer to this whole crock of shit.
  13. Praise Jehovah you never said the only show in town or we really were fucked.
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