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  1. A ken the feeling 😂, they shots on target bets looks certs every week, you ken the outcome 😂
  2. You no reckon Fury will beat that cunt mate?
  3. Skybet giving 1/1 price boost for Fury to win 💰
  4. Nobad day at the office, was waiting on 2 goals from Poland vs San Marino with ten to go, 84 & 89 minute goals.
  5. Hahah nailed it my man, double standards at its finest.
  6. Anybody refusing the vaccine is either braindead or delusional. There was a post on Facebook a few weeks back when someone listed all the breakdown components of an apple (pretending it was a vaccines ingredients) and posted it, then you had that mob going bonkers because the ‘ingredients’ were harmful, it was an apple 😂. They don’t have a clue.
  7. SG nailed it in the presser, not upto full speed but sitting where we want to be. Still gutted I nashed out at FT and missed him giving it big licks. Potential banana skin.. another 3 points on the board 🇬🇧
  8. “Nice AJ, brilliant energy”! fuck off 😂
  9. Now he’s saying “theeere you go, brilliant feet“
  10. On the hesgoal stream, there’s a cunt shouting “brilliant feet, brilliant control” every 10 seconds man, doing my nut in 😂
  11. Hesgoal stopped working for anyone else? Any other links ?
  12. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/87685/Dundee_FC_vs_Rangers.html
  13. My mate says that a few weeks ago, if he doesn’t wise up he could be in for a bad injury. Thought he looked a bit sharper the day; but still a long way to go
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