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  1. We need to get Ítróttarfelag Fuglafjarðar as our feeder club!
  2. Mcgregor has been head and shoulders above everyone else. Hes made massive saves whenever required. Goldson and Tav have been brilliant but have made plenty of mistakes still..
  3. Couldn't give a f*ck about this game. Play the youths (with a chaperone obvs) and let's win europe
  4. Unbelievable save. Can't believe anyone thinks hes not POTY...
  5. We've won the league! The points tally doesn't compare to winning the Europa League and we could do this if we can just concentrate on that and got a lucky with the draw..
  6. Just ignore them. They are just jealous of your driver ability imo..
  7. Nowhere near as good as 55..
  8. Fury V AJ close to being confirmed. Will be a disgrace if held in Saudi Arabia. Biggest UK fight ever should be held in the UK, surely they are both rich enough already!!!
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