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  1. Anything can be interpreted as anything (as we are now seeing in society) Thats why a persons intentions matters..
  2. So many sheep, on here that arent capable of independent, critical thought. Can see why the snp are so dominant in Scotland now. I blame the education system...
  3. I thought it was combating racism in its all forms, its not just about the black players. What about chinese, arabs, jewish people etc... Racism is unacceptable in all forms imo.
  4. Its scary how much you think you should be able to tell other people what they can do, and what their intentions are when they do something. I hope you're never in the position where you criticise someone due to something they do and its perceived to be racist/sexist/bigoted etc.
  5. Of course i support them. I wouldnt boo. I dont like the gesture though due to what else it associated with. Intentions matter surely....
  6. You made a comment earlier that some could construe as racist btw.
  7. Are other players not taking the knee at the same time..
  8. To be fair, he cant speak on behalf of everyone doing it.
  9. Can I be banned? Or is there a way to cancel your account, I only come here out of habit these days and find this place is getting more and more fascist in its outlook..
  10. I dont know if you read what i said. I wouldnt boo. But I strongly believe in the following "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" But theres people on here critical of the snp hate crime bill but attacking people on here now. Bizarre....
  11. Dont think the right to peaceful protest contains a caveat to be honest... You should start up a totalitarian regime mate!!
  12. The absolute bedrock of a democracy is the right to peaceful protest, yet some on here think it shouldnt be allowed. We are heading down a dark road...
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