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  1. Massively pleased actually. I want him to do more of this...
  2. Cant understand any fan liking this guy. Wasted millions on him..
  3. One of the posters on here, who actually knows loads about football, explained to me that it was a new super duper tactic where Morelos was being played in the role of useless passenger!! Think its like Muhammed Ali doing the rope a dope tactic; Morelos is pretending to be useless and then will finish off our opponents, when the right time comes!!
  4. Not hatred. Id love to see him come back to the form he was in pre Xmas, I just think he's massively let the club down and don't think he deserves the adulation he gets from some people on here!
  5. Is anyone likely to buy him for the 20-30 m we could have got for him last Xmas now??? Also he's had big wage rises based on his previous form and potential value...
  6. Who else is trying to get a move?? Morelos has let us down repeatedly with his antics, has likely cost the club a massive financial jackpot (which we need) with his attitude also???
  7. He sees a player in Barker aswell!!
  8. You can't follow the reasoning behind my point?? Deary me what's happened to our education system..
  9. By that reasoning is Barker contributing much? Was Ejaria or Ojo contributing much when regulars for us?? If Roofe was fully fit I doubt Morelos would be getting much game time.. Id imagine Gerrard is as desperate as all of us to get either Morelos of old back of a big fee for him aswell which is probably contributing to him continuing to start...
  10. The mental gymnastics some on here are making, to try and make Morelos a big part of our current form is staggering...
  11. Yeah. Morelos playing shite is actually a revolutionary new tactical decision... We're winning in spite of him. Watch when Roofe comes in fully fit and we will start spanking teams..
  12. Utter BS btw. Is it a tactic for him to keep losing posession, fail to hold the ball up, and not being able to strike a ball anymore..
  13. Been hearing that for 10 months now..
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