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  1. Just wish Craig Fairbrass was a bit younger...
  2. Thought he was alright in that tbh! Didnt Hardy used to be a Rent boy?! Not sure that's the right CV for Bond
  3. Watched Terminator Dark Fate for about 20 mins. Wish i could send a T800 back to stop me having to watch this utter shite.
  4. Numan says your talking shite.
  5. Better than Jack? We watching the same games???
  6. Has he got a Vauxhall Zafira 2007 Flammable as feck!
  7. How does he have to?? He gets a shed load of cash whether he performs or not, and has shown little to suggest hes bothered either way.
  8. Not sure about the last purchase from Genk yet...
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