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  1. He must look at Gerrard and think that could have been him..
  2. Easily the player of the year, think his performances this year have been underestimated by many on here for some reason!
  3. That's the worst thing I've ever heard.
  4. Other than Ibrox, Tottenham's stadium is pretty amazing! Used to love Fratton Park aswell for Character...
  5. He's done far more for Rangers than Goram ever did, it's not even an argument, just look at the numbers.. Best Goalie we've ever had in my opinion!!
  6. Talk of the final being moved to Lisbon, if true, just shows how much FIFA holds clubs and fans in GB, in contempt. There's a global pandemic going on. Clubs should refuse to attend (I know they won't) but utterly mental. Get it played in England!!
  7. Mcgregor has been head and shoulders above everyone else. Hes made massive saves whenever required. Goldson and Tav have been brilliant but have made plenty of mistakes still..
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