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  1. Anyone know if Sky are planning to show our games in UHD? Just another example of how little they respect the SPL. Wish there was a realistic alternate to Sky as I hate giving them cash..
  2. Think Kent needs a more free role to get the best out of him. He works his bolloxs off and then looks knackered when he has the ball in any dangerous parts of the pitch!
  3. Needs dropping. We must have some youngsters worth a try surely!!
  4. Would you just carry on as normal if they void the league this year?? For me it would be the final straw with Spl etc.
  5. So if they null and void the league, we just take it and carry on as normal... And BTW 10-15 years to get to the premiership would be worth it. If we had done in 2012 we would nearly be there for now. 100m just for playing in the league compared to 2m a year for winning the spl...
  6. If null and void happened (not that I think it will-but I wouldnt be that shocked to be honest) we would surely have to leave Scottish football (join the lowest level of English football) We should be pushing that message behind the scenes if any talk of it starts up..
  7. Mcgregors Goal. 02.01.21. And then run to the cameras pull off that Rancid top, and have a Gers top underneath. Would be immense specially with a full stadium!!
  8. Goram had a far better team in front of him for most his Rangers Career, and only played 180 odd games in 7 years for us! If we win the title this year, I think Mcgregor will be a massive reason for us, and not just due to his performances but his clear will to win and influence on the rest of the team!
  9. I saw the peak Goram years and always thought he was incredible, but if we win 55 this year, I reckon Mcgregor deserves to be seen as out greatest ever Goalie! For me he's our player of the year so far!
  10. I'd have Mcgregor in my team ahead of Goram now.
  11. Has he been watching too much Scud?!!
  12. Unbelievable result today, but we didn't half make it harder for ourselves. What were all the short goalkicks about?? Missed Jack and Arfield massively today, thought Aribo was really poor today (not sure what's happened to him!!) but Goldson and Balogun were class after a shaky first half!!
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