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  1. Only what's been reported and according to you they are all wrong and because Buff says so must be true.
  2. I think it's far simpler , you cant sit deep and let players of the quality that benfica has and give them the time to play and pick their passes and as our players tired that is just what they had.
  3. Is Zungu fit then? Last I read he was to be out for a few games.
  4. And of course Rangers never rejected an offer from Lille shortly after this story came out . Nothing to see here move along sweep sweep
  5. Naw naw there was nothing going on between Morelos agent and Lille Because Buff said not , yeah ok
  6. About as solid as a mirage. Of course he is no going to come out and confirm it and fling your potential new employers under the bus for tapping up. Really mate, c'mon
  7. What agreeing terms with Lille , sounds convincing to me.
  8. Well I thought the idea of Gerrard's system was we play three forward with the width predominantly coming from wing backs, namely Tav and Barasic . Roofe appears to favour coming down the old inside right channel, Kent prefers the left so if Itten does not start firing soon what would you do if Buff does get his move be it January or the summer. Defoe will be done come end of this contract As I said if the management team cant get Itten firing we need another striker. Could do with another too replace Defoe anyway.
  9. Buff wants away, has made that clear over several transfer windows. I think he has been unsettled by that agent of his much to the player's detriment. If I was Buff I tell him to shut his hole and focus on regaining his form, then perhaps some of the clubs he wants a move to might be interested enough to pay the asking price and the wages he wants. Management team needs to get Itten firing otherwise we need another striker
  10. Cant see liege or poznan winning both their remaining games so effectively we are through surely.
  11. After the Roofe goal did anyone else think, bring Helander on and push Balogun up a bit and protect that 2 goal lead. Ah well Does that Roofe no do tap ins or something , another cracking goal btw.
  12. Steven Davis really using the head tonight playing real smart. If we can win this we are all but qualified surely
  13. Best opposition we have faced since Leverkusen. Mixture of apprehension and anticipation, should be a cracking match just a shame the bears canny be there to witness it.
  14. If we get 3 pts tomorrow night it will be an incredible result whatever the score.
  15. Disappointing Zungu injured as well but with all these games, international , European,domestic and now with cup games kicking in as well it's no a surprise Jack is struggling a bit. Just hope they are no out for too long as this will put pressure on Davis and Arfield in particular.
  16. Playing the best football of his career at the moment, just hope he can maintain it or possibly even continue improving as the standard of the players we bring in goes up.
  17. Is Barjonas out on loan , if no he needs to be. Never going to get a game with the midfielders we got at present.
  18. Didnt think Buff was at his best today. Did wonder when the third goal went in if we might have subbed the wee man and brought Itten on coz we need him firing in case Buff leaves in January given that Roofe is prone to the odd injury as well. Would have saved Buff for Benfica game on Thursday too.
  19. Was like a cup game against lower league opposition, they were no even close.
  20. Would be great to hand them a right doing and Itten to get a brace off the bench
  21. How u doing Frank, heard you saying this on Snyde yesterday
  22. Classic stuff , sack TLB, Sack Liewell sack anybody, then one of them comes out with a real belter , sign Gordon Strachan. That one near had me on the floor , truly are the gift that keeps on giving.
  23. Can see this being a right physical battle against this lot. Bus will be well and truly parked, can see this being a big test for the lads and an example of what we will be up against for the rest of the season.
  24. What is it ally has about midfielders. Will someone tell Ally we need soddin' strikers we got midfielders commin' out just about every orifice and he's wasting limited resources on more midfielders
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