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  1. 33 of his 36 goals for us were one touch finishes.
  2. Some amount of shite we’ve had to get through. A moment that really sticks in the memory, for some reason, was that Hearts game in the snow that was abandoned after 20 minutes. Mike Ashley’s cronies were at their height and the atmosphere was absolutely toxic towards the board as folk gathered outside afterwards. We deserve all that’s coming out way over the next few weeks. By god we deserve it.
  3. If Gerrard and Wilson feel that they’ve dealt with the matter accordingly then I’m happy with whatever they’ve decided.
  4. Even worse is when some clown phones up pretending to be one of them. No need for that considering the actual greeting faced shite the real ones talk.
  5. They won’t terminate the contract of Patterson. It just won’t happen.
  6. Any context for this? Assume something happened in the scum game?
  7. Brenda had a solid core of players when he came in to work with. Whoever they get it won’t have that and will have to build from scratch.
  8. Given the outlay they put up for him got to be one of the worst signings in history.
  9. Edouard may as well be out for the rest of the season. Cunt will of downed tools to avoid any chance of injury as he knows he’s off in the summer. Be lucky to get a handful of goals out him between now and the end of the season. He couldn’t give a fuck about the 10.
  10. Exactly mate. It makes no sense for Rangers to put him up to answer snide questions about how he plays the game or scoring droughts etc.
  11. I don’t think there’ll be any fans in the ground until at least next season.
  12. What’s the script with Wednesday’s game? Anyone know how much they intend to rinse us?
  13. Always suspected he’d go out for a few years and if he progresses would be brought in once McGregor’s finished. I also couldn’t seen him saying yes to that mob.
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