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  1. Seen every episode about 5 times. It is the greatest show I've ever seen. Love Charlie and Frank. So underated and I cant believe FX pulled it off their channel in the UK.
  2. They sell bottles of mounatin dew in the sainsburys across from topman on argyll street, £1.09 for a bottle if i remember correct.
  3. I'd go with Mcgregor, broadfoot, weir, mcculloch, whittaker, davis, edu, thomson, naismith, Lafferty, Miller.
  4. Just saw this today. Romain Gavras directed it, he did the justice video for 'Stress' which was a belter. Thought it was abit strange, then the polis shoots the boy in the head... Mental.
  5. I watched the Man Utd - Chelsea game in 3D and all. Great picture, cant see it catching on though. Sitting in the pub with everyone wearing the same glasses seemed quite odd. Plus after a few pints and watching through the glasses it starts to give you a sore head.
  6. On thursdays 'Daily show with John stewart' he spent the first 20 minutes absolutley ridiculing Glenn Beck. Tore him to shreads.
  7. Might be Sick2def. That's some real Plan B. Not the Happy Clappy shite like 'she said.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AW4rmGsHWk
  8. Recentley I've seen kevin bridges, jim jeffries and brendon burns. Brendon burns is possibly the funniest man alive. Saw jimmy carr before, funny the first time but he recycles old jokes. Burns and jeffries are brilliant although theyre not for the easily offended.
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