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  1. Andy Scoulding. Head Scout at Ibrox. Him and Gerrard are good mates.
  2. Saw it in the cinema and it took every fiber of my being not to walk out half way through. Total fucking nonsense.
  3. Nothing, all on fight pass. Gutter as well considering it's actually on at a decent time.
  4. Shite that the UFC this week is on fight pass. Hopefully get a decent stream somewhere.
  5. Went to the GFT last night to see The Hateful Eight. Was fucking brilliant.
  6. How do you swap between the regions on the PS store?
  7. This is what I thought Watch Dogs would be like. Was utter pish in reality though.
  8. Would of been even better if Calderwood was still fighting. The undercard for 194 is immense.
  9. What's the process for installing, it easy enough? Nearly filled my 500GB one.
  10. I definitely heard Glenn's voice say 'help' at the end. Listened to it back a few times. It's obviously disguised so that you can't tell exactly who said it. Some will think Glenn others Rick etc.
  11. Took her apart. Rousey couldn't get near her.
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