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  1. If theres any left I'm interested
  2. Poor decision if true. The league will become even more boring than it already is and as already said will likely result in attendances dropping, some people won't see the point paying for season tickets etc to see 9 teams four times a season.
  3. Surely after the embarassment of last years campaign the team's goal was to simply restore some pride to our european name and the boys have done that very well .
  4. Surely his role of promoting the club and what not is him being an ambassador? Would you rather we just had some random businessman with no connection to Rangers whatsoever going around and representing us? Would it have the same effect as it would if Greig did it? Personally, I don't think so. To take your point about being a Director, yes, academically Greig probably doesn't have that much knowledge in the business department, however, he is the football influence, i.e. someone who has actually played football at the highest level and understands what it means to play for rangers. After all
  5. Not only that, but make appearances at events such as Champions League draws, Rangers related events etc. I can't seem to understand why you feel his role is pointless, do you feel Sir Bobby Charlton's role at Man Utd is pointless as well? Having a living legend like Greig around the club on a day-to-day basis can only bring positives for Rangers .
  6. His role as a director is more of an ambassador role, surely there is no-one more qualified to do that than the person that lead us to our only european cup ?
  7. Oggy


    Cheers lads
  8. Oggy


    Do they deliver early? (i.e. before the release date) Just ordered the new fallout off there just now:)
  9. Why do we have or need so many groups such as the RST and RSA?
  10. Hello bears, It is looking like I will be travelling through to the champions league games via train as the person I normally travel with cannot make it - was just wondering if you could give me some information as I have never went by train before. Roughly what is the latest subway time from Ibrox? and what would be the best train station to travel to for getting onto the subway? (I'm coming from Edinburgh) Cheers lads
  11. Yes the SPL can be pretty boring at times, but having seen some of the games down south I can tell you that it wouldn't be that different (with a few exceptions of course), to some of the games we are seeing now. At the end of the day, if you support Rangers it shouldn't matter to you what league we play in, SPL or League 2, its supporting the team that matters.
  12. Guessing its too late to apply ? Been away so have missed the application process
  13. Miller is vital to any hopes we have of 3IAR.
  14. To be honest mate I dont think Bain wants to give these players away, as in Thomson's case we face a situation where we can either take 2M right now or face the prospect of losing him for nothing (i.e Boyd) because clearly the club are not expecting the situation to have improved that significantly by this time next year.
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