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  1. With that way of thinking, Ally is the best manager we've had in the last 2 and a half years.
  2. Ally would sit Brian at a piano and James on a unicycle.
  3. Then stop quoting my posts. Go find a mosque or some muslim to have a jolly with. There are plenty in Britain now.
  4. Really? Why? Because someone telling it how it is, is upsetting poor little you?
  5. If disliking islam makes me ignorant.
  6. Then presumably, soon you will post a picture of him in Easterhouse with impoverished kids there too. Look forward to it.
  7. Because I dislike islam does not make me racist. It makes me human.
  8. Do-gooder, I asked you if equality only works one way in your world. Youve not answered that. And putting "Oh dear" in just makes you look like a tit tbh.
  9. I couldnt give a monkeys what he does but Id like to think he intends to do the same in Easterhouse or any other scheme and not just "his own". If he hasnt or doesnt intend to visit non muslim youth clubs (maybe he has), then why not? Would that not be equality or does equality, in your world, only work one way?
  10. Case hasnt even started yet. Its not something I look for but if someones posts a picture of Mohsni with 50 asian kids at a muslim youth club then Im perfectly entitled to ask if hes been to Easterhouse youth clubs too. Or is it only posters like you who can join in the thread?
  11. Someone should've asked him if Ally battered the ability out of him before Christmas.
  12. Its a question I wouldnt have asked. Correct. But plenty of do-gooders probably would have.
  13. Eh? I consider islam to be neither religious nor spiritual. And by putting a smiley on the end of your post really doesnt make you look smart, although you think it does.
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