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  1. Mine says purchased since yesterday but nothing out account yet . Had updated card on Monday , dont want to get there and season ticket not activated.
  2. They werent taking any chances with them last night ,15 vans trailing along behind them as they moved them down the road lol
  3. I take care of my disabled wife and cant afford to wait on trains and underground to get home . This would cause me nothing but trouble and would probably stop me going to the games .
  4. At least in the 80s it was just the football that was bad ,not all the shit that goes along with it these days
  5. Thought I had clicked the box to have them posted to me on CCS . Just found out I didn't this season . Any idea whens the latest I can collect them from the ticket office . Cheers
  6. He was sitting 3 rows in front of me with his partner in the main stand . Nobody said a word to him but he did not come back after half time .
  7. Id be happy with either but Foderingham has done nothing wrong to be dropped and he is our first choice.
  8. A s I only seen the game on the tv, a quick question were these hanging effigies removed at anytime ? I take the stewards and the Celtic board could see them and not removing them is just the same as condoning them in my eyes
  9. Couldnt tell you off hand . Just logged in and used the "contact us" and the link went straight to an page to send an email.. Is there another one ?
  10. Does anybody know if they have issued paper tickets for this weekends game even if your a season ticket holder? I bought them 2 for myself and my son both of us have season tickets , thought the usual would happen and we would use our cards but last week I was sent one ticket even though the receipt was charged for 2. Tried phoning and emailing ticket office with no reply. Any help much appreciated ,not want to turn up and one of us cant get in.
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