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  1. I’m sure Dennis Bergkamp was rumoured a year or so before he signed for Arsenal. Was maybe playing for Inter Milan at the time
  2. Paolo Vanoli was a bang average player who was as slow as anything, but I remember liking him (while at the same time acknowledging he was not at the class we had had in his position before)
  3. I have 4 boxes full of programmes, ticket stubs and badges from mid eighties through to the millennium. Then stopped buying programmes altogether when I started going for a pint before the game.
  4. It was the statement they released that got my back up, blaming a small number.
  5. Small number, tiny minority? who are these idiots trying to kid.
  6. The lack of subs in a game like that is really annoying. It’s a good tactic to bring on a sub when you are under pressure, use the sub to break their momentum and give the opposition something to think about.
  7. So if Norn Iron beat Wales, then the free state beat France.....
  8. Only voted maybe as I fear we may not be able to bring in anyone better suited to be manager of Rangers. Most highly rated up and coming managers would not touch us with a barge pole
  9. Top goalscorer is Nicky Law so I've voted for him even though he's been pish
  10. McCoists legacy is a team who cannot tackle, pass, cross or shoot. A team who lack any sense of cohesion and display no tactical knowledge or sense of shape. Where we are now is all his doing, the boardroom shambles merely covered up the vast majority of his failings with folk more worried about our balance sheet than team performance.
  11. If he can guarantee a shot on goal then get him in now.
  12. The gravy train is to blame. Quite how a soon to be departing ceo in Martin Bain was allowed to award a managers contract to Ally when the club was up for sale always baffled me.
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