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  1. Thought Gerrard might have started him today, his energy could have been a motivator for some lacklustre team mates today. Looked really bright when he did come on
  2. Voted Old Firm game as I want the players to experience winning the league by getting a result in a big game, rather than just sitting in their house when we clinch it. This type of win gives us a mental lift and gives them the absolute fear and total misery.
  3. Sent an email to Rangers tv, they asked for browser and speed test details so sent that through to them, will see what they say! Just seems weird that it’s worked all season using same browser and then last few games have been full of interruptions to the service.
  4. Is anyone else experiencing issues with Rangers TV? Last 2 or 3 games have been cutting out, blank screen, buffering every 4 or 5 minutes, when before every transmission was perfect. Really pissing me off
  5. Don’t know but was sure I seen a flag behind the goal that looked like one of ours
  6. Is this meant to still be on live.Rangers.co.uk or do you go to somewhere else to log in and watch
  7. I’m sure Dennis Bergkamp was rumoured a year or so before he signed for Arsenal. Was maybe playing for Inter Milan at the time
  8. Paolo Vanoli was a bang average player who was as slow as anything, but I remember liking him (while at the same time acknowledging he was not at the class we had had in his position before)
  9. I have 4 boxes full of programmes, ticket stubs and badges from mid eighties through to the millennium. Then stopped buying programmes altogether when I started going for a pint before the game.
  10. It was the statement they released that got my back up, blaming a small number.
  11. Small number, tiny minority? who are these idiots trying to kid.
  12. The lack of subs in a game like that is really annoying. It’s a good tactic to bring on a sub when you are under pressure, use the sub to break their momentum and give the opposition something to think about.
  13. Aye me too please, paid yesterday afternoon and pm sent to confirm! (Hate seeing my username on the list without PAID next to it)
  14. Wee Masonic in Las Vegas v the beggars last year. Beerman penalty game
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