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  1. Nearly, hit the bar or post cannae mind but defo didn’t score
  2. At Ibrox? Seen a few of these types of things over the years but don’t ever recall anybody actually winning!!
  3. Was it no to kick the ball into the open boot of a car parked in between the Copland and Enclosure? or was that just an impossible chance to win a car and no a million
  4. Aye keeps jumping and sticking, been perfect every other game but this is annoying
  5. Heard the girl hosting say he’s the first Rangers manager to make group stages 3 years running. Considering the company he was in, that’s some achievement.
  6. Always remember being very disappointed when Mark Walters left us to join Liverpool. He had been a brilliant player with a vital role in so many victories and was very much an integral part of our success in the years he was here. Always turned it on against they bastards as well.
  7. Win the league or he is out. Nothing else matters
  8. To win the league, these are the games you need to win. We need to be smarter to cope with roughhouse tactics and whatever else any opponent throws at us and just win at all costs. Until we learn to do that, we will continue to drop vital points which is unacceptable
  9. Was this the game we had to all go to the stadium in Wigan? Sure they arranged a bit of a sash bash in the big bar in the stadium
  10. Think we might see Arfield start today, he always seems to do well against this mob
  11. Heard them singing ‘championees’ there, our version was the original chant I’m sure
  12. I like Barker, I know he is not at all popular with a lot of fans but he has got something to offer and played well today. There is definitely scope to play him in certain games, use wisely and we could really benefit from having him this season.
  13. I would probably have started him today ahead of Arfield, then moved Hagi into the number 10 role. Game was crying out for pace and creativity, which we should have went with from the start.
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