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  1. Nothing like taking a negative viewpoint before a face is even in the door :-(
  2. Sad act story to cover the humping of the unwashed, 5 games in and we're taking about heads rolling FFS, given where we've been over the last 4 years, I can't some of the pish that's written in here, let's wait a little bit longer before writing about sacking and fucking capitulation WATP
  3. Don't need the abuse chaps, love my club, sorry if it offends, I asked for advice and my ball bag is of epic proportions to those who may be remotely interested or indeed worried Thanks for the varied input, guess that really is why we're classed as a democracy ???
  4. Then the games a bogey, they can f??k off
  5. Not buying unless it officially sanctioned looking for a wise bear in the know to advise ?
  6. I have been emailed by the Megastore, have we done a deal with Puma or the fat c'.t, is it OK to buy 16/17 kits ???
  7. It's just shit stirring as we approach the start of the season, the Rhebel know there is no story to be had from the East End and the have to sell their shitty biased mhedia, don't be swayed by these attempts to spoil what is going to be a good thing, desperate people do desperate things.
  8. This is media destabilising tactics as we move into the new season, will turn out to be total horseshit, they need the Rangers in the news to sell their shitty column inches either on paper or digitally
  9. This has made my day fantastic, this guy needs to head up Scottish Football, he's talked more sense in 17 minutes, than Doncaster and Regan have in yrs and I don't think slitty eyes would get away with the shit he does either.
  10. Hmmm this stinks of something.................
  11. These people are underqualified attention seekers, Hag in particular has an NVQ in journalism and not much else, the media or is that mhedia in Scotland are lazy hacks, who rely on these buffoons to sell their crap, thus giving nutrition to these bigoted no life's.
  12. Don't panic Mr Mainwaring, fuck sake, I hate this shit, we have a squad that will be strengthened, Man U, City, Chelski have all fucked up, it happens, it's football, even the great unwashed got rinsed (no pun intended) yesterday in a one trick pony league. WATP
  13. Watched this about 20 times now, at no point was he in control, he misses the ball completely and kicks the block halfway up his shin, the lad was lucky not to get a broken ankle, the red was 100% spot, how the hell can that be downgraded to a yellow....My Gosh!
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