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  1. If what has happened doesn't get the players going, nothing will
  2. Davis has been our best player this season. What a ridiculous suggestion
  3. No but judging by the shape he looks on social media, it doesn't look like he is slacking. I've also seen his perfomances, pre injury and and simpsons right now and they don't even compare
  4. Terrible decision. Worked so hard to get back fit aswell.
  5. He never beat the first man with a cross all night. Neither did Tav tbf....dont think any of them have the past 3 games when I think of it.
  6. Holy fuck. I might be over dramatic here but why would they wear that on tonight of all nights? Just another distraction we don't need
  7. Please tell me that is not getting worn tonight
  8. Anyone else not had a dispatch email yet? I ordered mine on the morning of the release day and have heard fuck all since.
  9. The same Zak Rudden that was sticking it into us when hibs beat us in the Scottish Cup final, whilst being employed by Rangers?
  10. He's no even a good drunk?
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