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  1. Good post. Now is the time we should all be sticking together and supporting the team and management. There is a lack of confidence that is affecting all of the players and we definitely need to toughen up. I have no doubt that this will change. it's easy being a supporter when the going is good. Much more difficult at present. I'm sure we will continue to play our part.
  2. Obviously I agree and I always will but I am referring to the individuals trying to gain control.
  3. First opening post so please be gentle. Pretty fed up with the negative posting and games being played. We sit a couple of rows behind the Director's Box and have a good view of what goes on. There seems to be a huge amount of handshakes, fake kisses and self congratulation going on. It got me thinking. Who would get my support? My view is that we (the fans and shareholders) hold ALL of the power. If the custodians / owners do not convince us they deserve our support - they have nothing. We have all of the future funding. No one has my support at this point. So who would get my support?? So
  4. Agree with you completely mate. We are all hurting but we have to stick together and support the entire Rangers family.
  5. Guys, can we all keep a bit of perspective here before we rip into each other. We are in the middle of a transfer embargo and had very little time to sign players. Some of these players are not Rangers class but they are all we have for the next 6 months or so. We all know that we have problems in the centre of defence but there is nothing that can be done about it. If anyone thinks that the management will allow the centre backs to be there next year they are having a laugh. We, as a support have been fantastic and need to stick together for this journey back to where we belong. Yes, days lik
  6. I joined RM 14 Feb last year when the club needed support. 2012 will be remembered for an incredible effort by all associated with Rangers. I am so proud I was a little part of it. We are so much stronger and more aware now than ever before. We definitely are the people.
  7. Like your style Gogzy. All the best.
  8. Agree. Guys it would great if we were destroying teams and playing silky football but we're not. Unfortunately there is a massive rebuilding process going on at all parts of our club and a huge fight to protect our history and what we stand for. This is the priority as far as I am concerned. The positive side is that all us Bears are uniting behind a common goal. Rangers. Of course we need to question but I think we have come a long way the last 3 months and the entire club should be shown loyalty and patience fot their efforts. All the best
  9. Good post. Agree with every point you made. This info has been common knowledge for some time now. What we really need is some competent investigative journalist to follow this up and ask the obvious questions and not accept the stock answers. No one seems to want to take this on. If I was an up and coming journalist i would go for this. This is a story will provide plenty of headlines and exclusives for someone with balls. It worries me that no journalist is running with this. Any ideas why?
  10. Exactly. How are Regan and Doncaster still both in their positions after the complete shambles they have presided over? I, and i'm sure most people and even journalists, were sure at least one of them had to go. The fact that they are all still in position is very concerning. Add in the Harper McLeod conflict of interest and it looks to me like a cabal of untouchables protecting each other. The fact that the press are not asking any questions is incredible but I suspect that regardless of public pressure they will all remain in position to try and strip titles. This is turning out to be an in
  11. If I was a young, ambitious, fearless journalist I would be looking for an interesting story which might result in worldwide attention. The link between Celtic boys club and Penn State is so obvious that it demonstrates how compliant the mhedia in our country is. This demonstrates clearly how journalists are clearly afraid to ask the difficult questions. What kind of state do we live in?
  12. Do you think the fact that we are being attacked so openly will galvanise us even further and mobilise to deal with this nonsense far more effectively. The press are not asking the simple questions. Why was the Celtic EBT acceptable? They simply accept the SPL's statement. Why are they not linking Penn State and Celtic? The Penn State story went worldwide. If one of the journalists had some credibility and balls they would have quite a story..Instead they settle for regurgitating the same old garbage.
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