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  1. Ruined the game last night by claiming that Alfie had stamped on Portious when Referee a bitter tarrier didn't even book him, The pain from this pair is a joy bitter cunts.
  2. Cracking young player but not needed and some idiot hammer thrower would end him if he was playing with us. Better going out to continental clubs. Going to be hard to progress at Chelsea for him with Frank being sacked.
  3. Shite game shite park 3 points and nearly a week off.
  4. That scumbag portiese just tried to do Ryan Jack I hate that rat.
  5. Looks like the Groundsman has been watering it with agent orange.
  6. Too many determined for that never never to happen.
  7. 100 million we were told to catch them, This is War we were told. Remember going to that dump in 2012 and getting pumped 3-0 and we sang for AllyMccoists blue and white army and didn't stop we were bouncing even at one of our lowest points, black flags the lot from that mob and we were still bouncing. They could not survive what we went through which has made our support the most resilient and we will deserve it. So much for this is war folded at the first sign of trouble.
  8. Fucking Brilliant it's been a long road. Months to wach them implode and just laugh. We deserve this.
  9. Lisbon Lions wont see 10 in a row.
  10. Cunts must run it like a chapel.
  11. "It's not like we got on a train to London" Shots fired
  12. We are definitely missing Jack or Arfield for a bit of dig in Midfield Kamara has been excellent Aribo always seems better attacking than defending and Davis who has been consistent all season just needs a rest but what an engine at 36. Itten deserves a start which he might get against Ross County.
  13. We take care of ourselves and play like we have then we will all deserve our Title it's been a long road.
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