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  1. Need to raise our game lucky to be 0-0 just win Rangers.
  2. Sure it was said yrs ago but Jelly and Ice cream is for pedos. We lead they follow don't want to hear that cringy shite again.
  3. Disappointed but lets not lose our shit. 3 Points at the weekend is a must.
  4. 2 cracking goals bit lax at the utd goal, need to be on them from the start. Morelos needs to screw the nut.
  5. They have always been hard of thought.
  6. Same sad delusional madman said the games were all fixed because there's no fans at the games.
  7. Can see there board putting concrete in that corner they have "safe standing" and film it for tarrier tv.
  8. It's December they are conceding the title and asking for there money back for there season tickets. This mob couldn't go through a season of what we have had in the last 8 years.
  9. Just seen the score here for the party.
  10. Brilliant player who had really pushed on this season first couple of games he looked like he would struggle to get a place in the starting line up, he has raised his game and added goals from midfield hope he keeps it up.
  11. Alfie needs to pick it up, hopefully gets a chance and takes it.
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