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  1. The noise that standard player makes when he hits the post
  2. No way Milan would pay 20m for him they have defenders who can defend.
  3. Zombie nation Top trolling Milan
  4. We have representation on the board, which compared to being at the whim of one owner is a better model, We are still going to need external investment going forward. I don't see that as a massive problem. Just need to wait and see how it pans out.
  5. This is good news the fans aren't just stakeholders but majority shareholders. The fans will be responsible for Rangers for future generations and from the lows of the last 8 years this is really good news.
  6. Whilst it's hilarious watching the meltdown in November It's only November we have a job to get done and we need to concentrate on ourselves and keep turning the screw.
  7. I really hope they do they will get rag dolled all about the place which will be nice.
  8. Benfica are a good side were always coming back into the game, we could have made it 3-1. Unlucky tonight should still qualify easy.
  9. We looked to be coasting at 2-0 then the goal and then we nearly made it 3-1 and then we were all over the place for there 2nd. There a good side but we were unlucky, should still qualify easy enough.
  10. Lennon has been consistent against Sparta.
  11. Scotland has a long history of cutting off it's nose to spite it's face. The poor guy who tried to burgle his house
  12. Was in the West Enclosure the day that Mcstay went down like he had been hit with a brick. Was a head to head. Can't believe he got time for that.
  13. Red card for foul on Hagi. Offside second Hibs goal. Hint of offside on first goal TBC seems like a normal game for us we will just accept it.
  14. He's having flashbacks to the nineties.
  15. I think he will come good, he needs started as giving him 20 minutes here and there isn't going to get him settled, Stevie G could have changed it took Jack off and played Itten through the centre. Instead we played them same way which you could see Livingston coped with easily.
  16. Not an impartial bone in his body, any time they see a little pressure the decisions seem to go for them, They are getting themselves all worked up with "the 10" I can't ever remember saying that any of the 9 in a row team in the 90s were going to be immortal. Seriously delusional stuff even they can't make out that this is the greatest achievement in World football.
  17. Just thought I might have missed something. I agree that Clancy is a dirty wrong yin.
  18. Glad someone else noticed that, shocking but not surprising.
  19. Griffiths just got a yellow for standing on a Hamilton player may as well just pack up, the amount of help they get from officials is sickening.
  20. We had a Director who had to resign for less than that. Nothing will happen to them, quite low on the crime count compared to being pedos.
  21. Heard that as well he was nearly greeting saying it.
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