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  1. Because he missed a penalty against England.
  2. Used to watch games up until 2012 and since then would only wish the worst of luck to Scotland, It's quite good you don't get the disappointment of getting beat all the time. You should try it. If you enjoy going to Scotland games then good on you. Someone needs to. As for supporting other countries that's up to the individual and I have more in common with Northern Ireland and England fans than any tartan trannies with a massive chip on their shoulder shouting freeeeedom. Goi g from quite a few posters on here they seem to think Jack was booed. Mcgregor chucked it beca
  3. Why did Mcgregor retire from international football? With the exception of Jack (who was booed) The rest are youngsters and future prospects who are years away from the current Scotland squad. Why would you want our players to be playing for a bunch of yessers and fans who detest Rangers more than their own club.
  4. Not if I can help it, was flicking between this and Northern Ireland who were excellent should have scored and left it all out on the pitch, compare that to the joke which is the Scottish National team, guess that will be another generation who will never see tournament football.
  5. Only watch when they get beat, which is going to happen tonight again. Ryan Jack should come back to us and make a statement that he will not play for Scotland again.
  6. Stinks of a set up, what does he gain from posting that.
  7. Stupid and unnecessary, he had made a good start hoping it's not as bad as feared.
  8. None of the issues from last season have been solved. Chasing in September, he needs to turn this round or its going to be a long season.
  9. We have done that every season since returning to the top flight.
  10. I think we've banked on big money for Morelos and we're going to buy a couple of strikers only explanation for not strengthing the attack.
  11. GWR1979


    Didn't even know that Jones had been sent off, turned it off after the second.
  12. 10 man Hibs who are talking about sacking their manager. When a team sits in we struggle badly to make any chances, we work it out to the right try a cross into our tiny strikers we only really have Arfield in an advanced position and if he is not on it we are really poor. We need a target man, and someone to have a ping from outside the box. We were shown up today in a game we should have won by a very poor tarrier team, no excuses but the same problems from last season have not been solved.
  13. We are chasing in the league again and it's only September long season but very worrying start, Didn't even test a makeshift tim defence. We shat it today and the fans who turned up had fuck all to cheer about. If we are going to win the league we need to be winning games like today.
  14. GWR1979


    Game passed him by poor game but not the only one today.
  15. Really pish tactics, We never pressed them high up the park and for all our midfielders we never looked like creating anything today.
  16. Our PR is still in the 3rd division, People seem to think it will magically get better when we win the league, The lies and misleading stories regarding our Club have went unchallenged for years and until we wisen up we will never be able to build our brand.
  17. Fans have had cameras on the from the anti sectarian action force brought in by the SNP. When the unfair legislation started locking up tarriers they got it binned and then their was a resurgence of TBB from our support. We have been beaten by this stick before and Wholesale changes were made and by in large TBB was ditched from the songbook. We were then hammered for the famine song. Until the Board fights back and defends the people who drink in chain pubs and the fans who buy season tickets then they will find some new stick to beat us with. The Union Bears "deserve better" and
  18. GWR1979


    Some decent crosses into the box, but doesn't have the pace to do the same job as Tav. Hope he gets his chance in the middle.
  19. GWR1979


    50/1 to score first, both him and Goldson seem to have added being a danger at crosses to there game this year.
  20. Excellent performance absolute speed merchant. The speed of the 2nd goal on the break was quality.
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