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  1. Read the Decision by LNS last night. No chance will they appeal. The evidence has been presented what basis do they have for appeal? We were found guilty of not disclosing player payments to the SPL, and not producing documents in sufficient time to rod mckenzie of harper mcleod whilst we were in admin. They have looked through everthing and found very little wrong. rod mckenzie's main argument was because these payments were not declared then these players were not registered to play. The SFA Registrations officer gave evidence that this was not the case. No matter what shit is reported in th
  2. Hope he gets a chance up front, never a winger. Looked quite low in confidence and glad to get subbed. Not a good day for him but he should get other chances hopefully through the middle.
  3. Good stuff CB, Have a feeling this may be the back page for the next fanzine.
  4. Voted Yes and Yes. Looking forward to seeing the new top.
  5. Happy with Puma, would like to know who the sponsor will be and what the kit will look like. Hope it's a cracker.
  6. Good news, hopefully now we can start to move on, but never forget the way we were treated. Can't wait for Saturday.
  7. Been sitting in the Govan rear all season, 3 rows from the back, great view but lacking atmosphere.
  8. I think getting Boyd back would be a backward step. We should be looking for younger talent who would be first team regulars by the time we get back to the top league. I think we should be looking to get defenders in over the summer rather than more strikers, if anything we should be getting rid of Kyle. Would like to see Naismith upfront with Little next season.
  9. Lee Wallace Most consistent, starts alot of the play from the back, overlaps well and attacks with purpose. Needs to unleash his left peg on more occasions. Future Rangers Captain.
  10. If this was to happen it would need to be the Enclosures. Has the worst space for seating at Ibrox as it was designed to be a standing area. Would love for safe standing area's to return to Ibrox. The biggest opponent to this would be the cops as there job has been made easier since seats were put in every major stadium in the UK.
  11. Good idea would give Juve youngsters competitive experience whilst helping us up the leagues. Nice words from there youth coach, hope he has some class defenders in the youth team.
  12. CG needs to explore all available options, we outgrew Scotland a while ago and have been treding water ever since. We were at the forefront of setting up the champions league it would be good if we could be involved in the setting up of a Cross border league. There is nothing wrong with us having ambition beyond Scotland.
  13. Good article D'art Thomson has harmed his reputation terminaly by getting involved in the media smeer fest. All his exclusives have been rehashed stories we have already heard from other sources. We all knew well in advance that 'Thompson' was on his way to investigate as every timmy source was on about it for about a month beforehand. He has shown himself for what he is which is a poor journalist who pushes one side of the argument even when he is proved wrong.
  14. Neil Patey has been the most honest and stuck to the facts throughout the whole process. Would be inclined to listen to what he has to say above any self appointed tim tax expert. The BBC may be softening there stance but would still be vigilannt as they can't be trusted to report facts without spin.
  15. Well done Bill keep up the good work. Intrested to see what toxic thomo has to say for himself.
  16. 1990 - was 10 we got beat by St Mirren 1-0 at Ibrox, Chris Woods was injured when they scored. Was in the old family section in the main stand. Sure it was Mo's first game for Rangers aswell. Can't remember who went in goals for Rangers when Woods went off injured.
  17. Won't happen for too many reasons. Was not a great Captain and hid for the majority of the time. Moaned about being put out on the right but had no impact when moved into the centre. To even talk about coming back helps no one apart from the press who get a story from it. He should move on with his career and accept what he has lost.
  18. Voted Yes. He always seems to get the best out of squads with little resources, Was impressed by ICT When they came to Ibrox in the league cup, kept the ball on the deck and hit quickly on the counter attack.
  19. Well done mate, think you've about covered everything. Send it to them Recorded delivery. I don't think it will make much diffrence to there one sided agenda. It's a sad state of affairs when you can't rely on the media to report in a balanced way the facts of the situation and fueling the fire at every opportunity. Clyde can't talk about good football being played in Scotland so instead focus on off field and board room goings on without being qualified to do so.
  20. Thought that aswell, the timing of it stinks wonder what the leading story will be all week?
  21. The record need no invitation to have a go at Rangers, He has a point about on the park and the standard of players, I can accept not being great but not being fit is unacceptable. Jackson uses our poor performance on Saturday to open up on us on all fronts, I am proud of the Club, we have came out the other side of oblivion battered but still alive and kicking. We now have a CEO who wants to engage with the fans and take the club forward, he has annoyed the media because he will not turn the other cheek and roll over and long may it continue.
  22. To be fair never expected to beat Utd in the cup, the manner of the defeat which hurts the most. In the summer Ally said he needed players to go to tannadice and compete in the cup, we did not turn up. I love Ally but the bad results he has had are mounting up, If we can go to the end of the season without any more bad results the pressure will lift and I think he will get another crack at next season. If we don't do that then I worry that the pressure will mount and threre will be no other option but to replace the Manager.
  23. Never thought this season was going to be anything more than a struggle, We will win the league at a canter which is not good when we come up against teams who are set up better. Have enjoyed seeing the young guys coming through and would hope they see more game time before the end of the season.
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