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  1. Seeing the 300 fans on saturday was the most disapointing part of the day.
  2. Excellent Statement. Can't think of a better outcome. The complainers have been exposed for exactly what they are. And we get a chance to show our apreciation to the Forces on an Armed Forces day.
  3. Bad news he was showing alot of promise, Hope he bounces back and we see him before the end of the season.
  4. Would be happy if he just took corners so we could bow before him.(Again) Danish Prince.
  5. Great article by JT. I did not realise that this commission centres on just 5 players and paperwork not being filed correctly? The RFF funding the defence is a masterstroke and a clever manouvre. Not suprised by the responces from editors in the press to us winning TBTC. Good to see JT having a pop back at the media who have tried to make a joke of his new job with Rangers.
  6. Was at the remeberance game and thought it was great for the troops to get on the park, a chance for us to give something back by cheering the forces for there service and defence of our country. This story has made the press whilst the unwashed have embarassed this day for years. If the troops being on the park at Ibrox offends people then they have the problem not us.
  7. Very poor today, poor last week aswell. Montrose scored a wonder goal but the warning signs were there, they had a good chance just before they scored, we need to up our game or tanadice could get ugly.
  8. No where near the level of Gough. Perry has had some good moments this year but he needs to up his game if he wants to keep his place when when we can sign new players.
  9. Voted 54 We should only count our top tier titles. When we return to the top and win the league should be when we shout about 55.
  10. If CG was to bring in a safe standing area that would increase capacity as for putting a third tier on the Govan is that even possible?
  11. His best game in a Rangers shirt, did really well linked the play and looked alot fitter. Hope he gets a goal soon, he deserved it for his effort today.
  12. Good article Bill keep up the good work, FFP should be about clubs living within there means and bringing young talent through good idea but hard to implement. Been saying for years that we should not share sponsorship with them. We should be in control of our own destiny and should have no commercial ties.
  13. Excellent start by JT. Hope he continues to ask questions of the idiots running our game. We have never asked for a leg up from reconstruction yet the spin in the media saying we will be in the bottom tier, implying we wanted back to the top tier. Longmuir has changed his tune, last I heard from him thier was no hurry for reconstruction now it is being pushed through for next season. Can't believe they are going with the split into 3 x 8 what a load of pish. We must take a stand on broadcasting rights, the viewing figures don't lie we are scottish football.
  14. Any book which deals with the facts of what happened needs to be written. We have came out the other side of this not unscathed but stronger as a support. 2012 will be remembered for the wrong reasons, I would prefer to remember the positive stories from last year. Any book which sets the record straight needs to be written.
  15. Been to Falkirk, Forress, Clyde, Montrose and Queens park. All have been good Best day has to be Montrose away in the shed right next to the Union Bears. Great day.
  16. Got one today good programme, quite alot on the history of the oldest Glasgow Derby.
  17. Screens were quality, ours need sorted. Hampden's quite shit for the view too far away from the park.
  18. Just up, torrential rain and wind can't wait to get to Hampden. Good day to be a bear.
  19. Good article, Good to read a positive article which sticks to the facts.
  20. It would be a result if we got past dundee hibs. I think we could get 1 of the cups next year but think it may be too soon this year.
  21. Was starting to forget about these scumbags, They all walked away when they were needed most. They will never play for a bigger club. Will never be welcome back. See you in court paysmith.
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