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  1. Voted No & No Would not like to see our players go out at the piggery with an 100% taig fest. If we boycott then they would just sell all the the tickets to there own fans. I am in favour of the Dundee hibs boycott as it puts down a marker to all the diddy clubs that we can affect your income if you piss off an Angry Bear.
  2. Good stuff from the official site. Over the last couple of weeks CG has been bringing in people with experience in Scottish football, to start the fightback. Did not know that Doncaster was in a position of power within the English league when Leeds went to a newco. if the mainstream media will not report the facts we as a club need to highlight them and use any platform we have to get them reported. If Doncaster was in on the process of Leeds staying in the same league it makes a mockery of an unprecidented situation pish he was spouting during the summer.
  3. We are not in a hurry to get back to the top league, The Spl's plan for reconstruction can only work if we are in the league, they want this new league asap they have just posted a loss of 12 million, they cannot put a brave face on it for another 2 years. CG has made it clear we are in no hurry, we will not be blackmailed into giving up the tv right again(something they all forget when saying they can live without us) CG has made dundee hibs look like mugs this week, the begging from them to keep the proceeds was a spectacular og and shows the true state of there finances.
  4. Well said Walter. So glad CG brought him back, he will not miss anyone who tried to stick the knife in.
  5. I can remember when Murray banned the lot of them from Ibrox after they caused loads of damage. If he can ban all of them surely CG can reduce there allocation.
  6. Can only be a good thing having players coming back and having competition for places should keep the players who are in the team on there toes.
  7. Have watched the last 2 episodes, hope he does well he seems a sound bloke. If it's 4 x 2 min rounds can't see him getting knocked out, seen him taking a couple of dull ones while sparring. He seems a bit nice for boxing he knocked a guy on his arse last week and was over to see if he was ok. Is 4 rounds the minimum amount you can have?
  8. Good article. CG needs to consult the fans before he goes ahead and renames Ibrox. This kind of thing will divide opinion among fans. How much extra publicity have Sports direct had by changing the name of St James park and then after the fans objected changing it back.
  9. Glad they did not lose points. Mr Longmuir has shown he runs a tight ship in the SFL. He has moved swiftly and dealt with the situation rather than have it rumbling on for months. Fans will get the money back for tickets which is better than what happened with dundee hibs a couple of years ago.
  10. BBC Scotland have shown bias far to many times over the last couple of years for it not to have an agenda against Rangers. I'm not even after positive things said about us, just looking for them to report the facts without spinning them to suit there agenda. Even being banned from Ibrox has not made the wind there neck in.
  11. Bit harsh to dock points from them, Surely the embarassment of having to have the game called off is enough and possibly a fine.
  12. Thomson and the rest have not shut up about this appeal, they don't know if HMRC are going to appeal they are just hoping they will, the same way they were all hoping we were guilty. They were wrong, now they are just clutching at straws.
  13. Can't complain about ticket prices this year, I can take myself and 2 of my kids for less than £30, compare that with nearly £60 last year. Away grounds have only been to 3 Falkirk £15 Forres £15 Clyde £12 Don't think other away fans pay as much but still quite cheap.
  14. Big Jig has been outstanding for us, proud to have him as the Rangers captain.
  15. Good article, Well done Fury. Have to agree about STV sticking mainly to the facts throughout all this. BBC Scotland need to be brought to task over there reporting of the story. They have been blatant in mis-reporting the facts, I watched the 6.30 show The day we won the tax case. They refused to acknowledge that we had won, prefering to make out that Barca 72 had been won by 'old Rangers' which had nothing to do with the 'new club'. We all know the facts. BBC Scotland refuse to report them correctly.
  16. Think it was Bain. 15 million HMRC have wasted going after us. 10 million settlement. 5 million legal fees. Bet they wish they had taken the money now.
  17. Every time I hear about the reserves Stella seems to get decent reports and goals, must have a decent shout of getting a place on the bench and maybe the last 10- 15 mins.
  18. Good article, The money it has cost HMRC in legal fees, the fact they turned down 10 million shows the agenda of HMRC. The actions of HMRC need to be investigated.
  19. Great news after all the shit we have taken. Have to wonder why it has taken untill now for the verdict to be released. The actions of HMRC need to be looked at by an enquiry. The cost of going after us and losing while taking us to the brink needs to be looked at. I have mixed feelings about the verdict. Glad we have won the case but raging it has taken this long.
  20. Looks a good proposal, if the 30 SFL clubs stand firm would be interesting to see what way the Spl clubs vote.
  21. Great news, good to have Walter back at Ibrox his experience can only help the club.
  22. Would not like to lose Watery farts out the game forever. They should face the same sanctions we did.
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