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  1. Reading Barry Ferguson's book in it he says that he saw Buffon having a fag after the game against Parma.
  2. Ticket sorted for Tuesday. Game can't come quick enough after the result today.
  3. Good news, more of a Pro Evo man than Fifa. Rangers have always been in the rest of the world on Pro Evo. If we are not then the game will go back to the shop and I wii buy Fifa something I haven't done since 2006.
  4. Good find. The declans will be spewing. Can hear delacunt's voice the now the noo.. Great point fergal now lets cut to an ad break...
  5. More positive news on existing players signing new deals. Wallace's goal & celebration in the 3-2 game is one of my highlights of last season. This Season you could see we missed him for the Falkirk & Berwick game. He returned for the Falkirk home game and we were alot better. Another player we signed from Hearts (SFL3 feeder club) who looks a player.
  6. Used to stand in the west enclosure was gutted when they put the seats in. Both the enclosures used to be where the singing started the atmosphere was generated. The Union bears & Blue order do a cracking job of creating an atmosphere in the stadium. Would love for them to be moved to the enclosures with a safe standing area created.
  7. Do you think he will get picked for the next squad? Levein had the chance to call up Alexander when he had doubts over the fitness of Mcgregor & Gilks, he chose the st mirren keeper.
  8. Jigg should get a new contract he offers decent cover for quite a few positions, I think his best position is up front but could see him getting played at the back or midfield. Alexander will sign, he has waited a while for his chance some of the saves he has made this season have been quality, think he's still got a good few years left in him.
  9. Your obsessed, offer nothing to the forum. No reply since the last accusation not sure whether your a tim or a diddy team supporter.
  10. Can rember the story was out at the start of the year, Winters denied it. The police then raid his house when he's on holiday hope he has his lawyers on the case.
  11. I think there was an Army base near the ground. Alot of our troops went to the game.
  12. I prefer to remember the fighting spirit of that team and that season, we refused to be beaten by any team. The best Rangers team I have seen. So many good memories.
  13. Stand out Scottish player of the past month not selected because of the team he chose to play for. Wonder if the new Scotland manager will dare to go against the boycott.
  14. Good to hear hutton getting a run out think with injuries & suspensions he will get a chance in midfield through the season.
  15. Good finish by Shiels took his goal well.
  16. I heard that half the Rangers legends did not turn up, were forced to use a couple of Rangers fans. The Score did not finish in our favour. Can also confirm that Timmy share a bang was not in attendance.
  17. Dean Shiels getting a start for N Ireland tonight. Would rather watch Rangers players doing well Andy little has foot injury. Watched the Scotland on Saturday just does not feel the same with a boycott of our players by Avril/sfa.
  18. Won't be listening to that, that pair of rockets will be spining the usual Rangers bad pish.
  19. The good news keeps coming, Mckay has been the standout player, Macleod has been solid and doesn't shirk a challege, Crawford hasn't really put a foot wrong when coming on as a sub. Good to see we're getting our next generation onto long contracts.
  20. He was trying to move a bit of leggo which was stuck in his teeth at the time.
  21. Good on him, Levein decided to comment that Fletcher's Scotland career was over on the day he moved to Sunderland. Levein is a diddy team manager who will win nothing in his managerial career.
  22. Will be flicking between the channels can see Scotland getting another draw, Scotland's biggest weakness is in defence if they go for it they will end up getting caught at the back.
  23. Cheers for the update, If we get Thistle in the Final will it be at Hampden?
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