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  1. Think he has made a big mistake, 2nd story from him think he may be homesick, oh well burnt your bridges wee man.
  2. Was thinking what happens if the Spl kangaroo court finds us guilty and then the HMRC case goes in our favour, It can't be as cut and dried as the unwashed would have us believe or we would have had a decision months ago.
  3. Goram was the better keeper, not just for his brilliant saves but for giving the fans the sash when taking his goals in the secound half of games at Ibrox.
  4. Well done Andy your early season form has been superb, glad to see you getting your chance for your Country.
  5. The bottom's were shocking as well remember the seams fraying and falling to bits, Think we only had admiral for a year and then we went to addidas.
  6. The tennents bit on my top is starting to peel off. Not the worst but I can remember the Admiral shell suits the red would run into the white and turn it pink.
  7. There's always something on at the stadium didn't know about this untill I saw it on this thread anyone know the final score?
  8. Wish I had known this was on. stay about a stones throw away from the Stadium.
  9. Ian Durrant's first old firm game after his injury, ball broke to him in the box Durrant rattled it into top corner. Was in the West Enclosure that day and it was bedlam. The game finished 1-1 but still remember that goal.
  10. Levein has to play miller otherwise he would have to admit he was wrong not to pick Fletcher.
  11. I have been to every home game this season and falkirk away, We have been galvinised by the treatment of our club over the summer. Every one wants to get behind the fightback. I can't see the crowds going down for a couple of reasons, the cost of tickets and the lack of coverage in the mainstream scottish media.
  12. Sandaza has not really made an impact yet. I think he will be a good signing for us, his overall play against the shire was excellent, Once he gets his fitness right, with the best wingers in Scotland giving him service we could have quite a potent striker on our hands.
  13. Love to see a good 50/50 challenge, The assault at peterhead was a straight red card, The ball was no where to be seen.
  14. Also doesn't include the fact that our game was on ESPN, who I believe would have a smaller subscription base. Starting to like these weekly figures.
  15. I clapped the Shire onto the pitch for the secound half at Ibrox there away kit is cracking.
  16. I feel the same. The wounds the SFA have caused Scotland's most succesful club are still quite raw.
  17. I'm sure he was at the home game against The shire.
  18. After the summer we have had at the hands of the SFA, the reaction to Black getting his first cap, the ex players playing for them. Will watch the game but just can't bear to see them doing well, Especially with Levein not picking Rangers players to pander to the idiots. It's not the first time that Scotland have not picked the best players available look at Fletcher was on fire down in the EPL last season not picked due to a clash of personalties, Big Dunc was a bit different circumstances but it always comes down to us not playing the best team due to petty arguments.
  19. Like the pink panther some of his stuff is quite informative. The part I did not like was the way soappbox went after him for the fairy story bit. NO1/Halftime..teatime has always been the best Rangers fanzine, have not seen Follow Follow on sale for a while have they just given up?
  20. He's playing for Wembley FC saw him on ESPN a couple of weeks ago, needless to say his pace has not increased. Still some goal he scored at the piggery.
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