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  1. Hope Wallace gets back soon, thought he made a difference against Falkirk last week. Him and Templeton linked up well on Sunday aswell. Hope we have a young pacy LB in the youths who can step up.
  2. Looks like it. can't believe they have cut copied and pasted the comments from the other day. Notice the absence of 4 names article which was 1 of the first posts on the thread. bit of a stitch up if you ask me.
  3. Where was this stuff quoted? Who the fuck is Paul McConville and why has he used my post on his website.
  4. Thought the Ayrshire Covenanter had a good article, Could not agree with soapbox says, That's what makes it a good fanzine different opinions.
  5. I thought it was a poor response and I think it was pretty deliberate that his surname was not on the reply.
  6. I know what your saying just felt that they should not be showing this kind of stuff on there official site. Thought I would fight the good fight today after the sun pulling there story on Phil 4 names. Starting to feel I shouldn't have bothered. I started going to games back in 1990 when you could pretty much say and sing what you wanted. These days you can't do any thing at a game without having a camera shoved in your face.
  7. This was my point should not be showing shit like that on there official website.
  8. Saw this when I got in last night, do not need to Justify myself or prove my credentials. As I have already stated my wife saw this last night e-mailed today posted my e-mail and response. If you find it funny then thats up to you, your the one throwing accusations about without even checking the rest of the thread. As for my Join date this would be the day after my club went into admin check back my posts before you insinuate that I am a tim causing trouble.
  9. No need to be a cheeky cunt didn't realise the shops were no longer in the stadium.
  10. Here is the response from Ladbrokes. Did not realise they were no longer at the stadium but I'm sure they are still listed as a Sponsor. The reply is pretty poor and does not state that they will remove the offending horse from there virtual racing, Don't usually respond to this kind of shit but thought that a sponsor of the club would not want to be associated with this kind of thing. Dear Mr **** Thank you for your e-mail regarding closing your Ladbrokes account. As requested, your account has now been closed. After looking into your complaint we have passed this feedback through to the rel
  11. The race was last night at 21:55 The owners name was celtic fc.
  12. I have attached the screenshot I have also had a responce from them as well will post this in a minute.
  13. We should never boycott Ibrox. If we get drawn away to an SPL club then the boycott is on.
  14. My Wife noticed this yesterday and told me about it when I got in from the game yesterday below is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Ladbrokes today,I thought that this was another example of the shit we have to put up with. I have also saved a screenshot of this, does anyone know how to post this up? To Whom it may concern, I am writing to you regarding content on your website which my wife noticed whilst taking part in your virtual horse racing. The sectarian bigotry I am referring to is the horse which you have approved to be used which goes under the name of "no H*** in the spl". The use of t
  15. Voted Ian Black needed this kind of player.
  16. If we had signed all these players he would have been moaning about us having too many players. On a positive day for Rangers an obsessed jorno goes with a negative story. What a shock.
  17. Leaving things to the last minute is part of the excitement of transfer deadline day. We just signed one of the most exciting talents in scotland I am over the moon. sergio you keep contradicting yourself.
  18. Don't think we'll anounce anyone till after the other windows shut.
  19. Can you post the article up don't want to give that rhag a hit.
  20. Was in the Govan rear, BF1 looked amazing last night as always. Enjoyed the bit of Presley baiting at the end. Well done lads.
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