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  1. Don't really know what your on about.
  2. In the 4 games I have seen Broadfoot this season he has been very poor.
  3. Butcher has let himself down badly when talking about Rangers, A player I held in high regard but his ramblings about us are becoming annoying.
  4. 4. Jumped out my seat when Australia scored. After the summer we have had at the hands if the SFA they can shove the national team up there arse. Scotland will never again qualify for a major championship.
  5. What a joke, Ian Black has had to listen to Levein calling him backup and not good enough for scotland. He waits for the whole game to get his chance and gets on in the last 5 mins and Scotland fans boo him. I would have walked straight off.
  6. What CEO of major company's comes out to speak to there stakeholders like that. Have to say that Green has been a breath of fresh air.
  7. Typical Scotland cutting there nose off too spite there face. Not the first time the best players have been left out because of politics from the SFA. I think Lee Wallace is going to have a great season in a Rangers top even better if he has a point to prove. This guy gave me one of the best moments of last season with his goal against the tims at Ibrox.
  8. Saw this article in No1 last season, another example of if you say a story enough times it will be passed off as fact.
  9. What a prize, hope they raise alot of cash.
  10. They must be desperate, how much do we owe them? Why are the Sfa holding back the money?
  11. This goes against everything we were told would happen. Thought we would only sell 20k. 30k + is superb and just show's the loyalty of our fans. The feel good factor is back can't wait for this Saturday.
  12. I thik the union bears are a breath of fresh air, sometimes find myself watching what they are doing rather than the game. Used to stand in the west enclosure and felt when we put seats into it we lost alot of atmosphere from Ibrox. The union bears have brought some of that atmosphere back and long may it continue.
  13. If all we have to moan about is a 2-2 draw with Peterhead then it has been a good day. We will rattle them when they come to Ibrox. We were lucky to get a draw in the end they missed there chance, next time we will have more games and be better prepared.
  14. The best atmosphere has to be Rangers v Brugge at Ibrox, was in the west enclosure that night it was absolute bedlam after Nisbet's "volley" went in. Last Old firm at Ibrox was a close secound, the noise after aluko's goal was imense. The tims had came for a party and we burst there balloons.
  15. Was at this game finished 1-1 lovenkrands equalized in the secound half.
  16. Wee green men throwing themselves off cliffs desperate to GO HOME.
  17. Poor show considering Wallace was out for a season while getting injured playing for Scotland.
  18. We should never again share sponsorship with them. When they were having there problems back in 1994, Rangers came out and said that we needed a strong Celtic to keep Scottish football competative. We did not organise a campaign to destroy there club, we did not organise people in the media to come out with negative propaganda about there club, To be honest I did not want there club to be destroyed at that time, I enjoyed old firm games too much, if the same was to happen now I would want to see them obliterated.
  19. Has he actually signed? Can't see anything official.
  20. The fightback is on. I also noticed that when the STV were reporting on the Sky deal, The SPL were all meeting at Harper Mcleod in Glasgow. Surely we can fight this in the law courts as the problem we could have had with UEFA was because it was the SFA we were chalenging. Would UEFA get involved if it's the SPL?
  21. Will be there load & proud. First game back after this nightmare. They say what does not kill you makes you stronger.
  22. Can see what the op is getting at, the more we highlight BJK the more the media will have to notice and report on it. If we can do it in a legal way which means that fans are not getting scarfs, flags and banners taken off us by Salmonds storm troopers.
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