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  1. well done big Mark, tells it like it is.
  2. no to everything apart from games at Ibrox. We have sat over the last couple of years and watched the tims bully the Sfa, the decision is a farce and is agenda driven. No more silence with these reptiles. WATP
  3. Another hurdle for new owners to over come this is a fucking joke, we have no one fighting our corner. Let the boycot begin.
  4. kennedy needs to come back in, incubation spl will never agree to that,do TBK have any money?
  5. Murray stated that he would sell to someone with Rangers best intrests at heart, His worst decision was selling to Whyte whether or not that is criminal might never be known. Whyte is doing what he has always done with company's which is to run them into the ground don't pay any bills then take what he can from them, whilst talking alot of pish about turning things around.
  6. the sun still had kennedy in the running, this is getting tedious all the talk someone needs to put up or shut up, lets get on with this ffs.
  7. well done the way we have stuck together through this has been superb.
  8. good post, need to be more positive we have 3 bids for the club we are in a better position than in february, what has been shown is the tremendous backing from the support. WATP
  9. mcgregor's save was imense when we were up against it against Bremen. Stoped a certain goal Goram still the better keeper.
  10. Just watched this pish, did not realise Hugh Adam was 86 are they for real, Murray stated on Jeff Randal that Adam was not even a director when EBT's where in place so where is the evidence.
  11. What happened with West Ham?
  12. Nothing was said by the sfa when Dundee Utd charged our fans twice for the game which was abandoned a couple of seasons ago, so he can ram the scottish cup up his arse. If his organisation had done there job last May we would never have been in this mess.
  13. we have already had titles stripped from 'during the war' no way they are taking any more, titles are won on the park not in the board room.
  14. we need good news, weeks of our name being tarnished our pride being dented, not over yet but positive news for a change.
  15. they are scum pure and simple, cant remember us being like this back in 94, how gutted will they be when we come out the other side of this.
  16. cant wait looking forward to it taking 2 of my kids for there first Rangers experience excited for them.
  17. should sell blue noses at ibrox for a couple of quid for next few months might raise 200 000 anything to help.
  18. the amount of tims commenting on our situation is beyond a joke fuck off hartson you wank
  19. agree with more sponsers on the kit, dont know when our current deal with tennents comes to an end, we should never share a shirt sponsor with them again they have sunk to a new low over the last few weeks scum.
  20. watched this last night not alot about Rangers but opened my eyes to how bad HMRC are being run. public money being used to chase back taxes they have no guarentees they will get and for them to say they would appeal the Rangers tax case costing more public cash is shocking.
  21. poor response from a player who learned his trade at Rangers, he got a hard time from the support cause he was pish at the gers, would he take a pay cut like the players are being asked to do just now?
  22. atmosphere was electric today, even after killie scored. The fans reaction to the week we have had was immense and we lost. The papets just cant report that the fans backed the team and Ally witout turning the knife.
  23. well done Galatasaray fans in times of trouble you find out who your friends are.
  24. First post They are reveling in our plight, have heard it all week from tims at work more interested than us than there own team this shit should unite us more fuck the money men and hangers on and support the team. WATP
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