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  1. I'm almost certain he's @Gaz52 Maybe other posters can remember him? He used to post all the time but then stopped and started a Rangers blog instead.
  2. I seen someone that used to post on here vouch for them
  3. Anyone ever use thegamecollection? The site seems legit. You can get FIFA 22 on the PS5 for £55 from them. https://www.thegamecollection.net/fifa-22-ps5
  4. Burnley Leeds match has been shite
  5. Sweetest old firm win in a while. Hopefully it kickstarts our season.
  6. The scum have went very attacking. Also playing their new RB at LB, so hopefully a weakness there.
  7. Didn't Balogun play RB against them before? I remember him having an absolute nightmare.
  8. Scum are going to chin us at the weekend. I have absolutely no faith that this team will raise their game, bereft of absolutely everything.
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