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  1. VAR is killing football. It's impossible for a striker to be level with a defender now.
  2. Tav is back training again on grass, albeit on his own. Fingers crossed he's back for this because Balogun is hopeless at RB.
  3. Howe is too much of nice guy. He'll get chewed up and spat out by Scottish football. A homesick manager who cant organise a team defensively. Not to mention his terrible transfer record.
  4. They keep mentioning Roofe's foul in some bizarre attempt to either justify the racism or to take control of the narrative. It was a terrible incident but these things will happen on the realms of a football pitch. The CCTV claim is just as bizarre. The cameras are probably the little black dome ones, they aren't exactly the easiest to cover unless someone whipped out some spray paint ffs.
  5. I think Keane will get a strong reaction from the scum squad in the first few months but the wheels will inevitably fall off. He's far too volatile and just a poor coach never mind manager.
  6. Could be a strange match today from us. It's the old firm so they should be up for it but the events of Thursday night might have taken their toll on the squad.
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