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  1. Can't wait until he's had a few sessions with Defoe helping him out.
  2. genuinely top guy, thanks for posting OP
  3. Slightly off topic but just imagine having to self isolate for 10 days in a hotel room with a baby, no thanks
  4. How good will it be for the club having Alfredo actually having to fight for a place in the team.
  5. Texted my son to say that reminded me a little like Michael Mols debut.
  6. TBF to barkas Antonio can hit a ball hard, don't want to get in the way of that.
  7. Think you're holding back a bit here mate, why don't you say what you really think.
  8. OK I'll play the devils advocate here, Kamara himself along with Goldson said it was a waste of time taking the knee as it made no difference, much as I don't agree with it you can't ban supporters for having a difference of opinion
  9. He's way out of his depth, you can just imagine the shaking of heads and players staring at one another in the dressing room when he walks out the door.
  10. At the time I was hoping a midfield of D Ferguson, I Ferguson and Durrant would be our midfield for years to come, what a combination of bluenoses that was.
  11. If that cunt were to score for them they would fuckin' cheer, vomit inducing.
  12. Ajer's agent must have some amazing CGI video he's presenting to prospective buyers.
  13. Her heid looks like one of the heids that my granddaughter sticks on her Duplo/Lego figures.
  14. Not quite the same though is it, I would actually find it quite funny watching the haters seeth for a few months, but unfortunately the English media wear me down after a while.
  15. Aye well I hope you're still saying that 50 years from now when they're still reminding you.
  16. Thank fuck, just for a minute there I was concerned for your sanity
  17. Mate I know the English are insufferable but just NAW.
  18. I personally think that Alves was labelled as a shitebag because he was a shitebag.
  19. It's like listening to an amature ice hockey coach coaching elementary school kids soccer teams over here, and I'm not even joking, this is gonna be fun.
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