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  1. My card is faded to fuck so wouldn’t mind a new one
  2. Magic thanks for heads up mate. Top man
  3. Keeping mine for holiday. Still can’t order toddler size for wee man though which is annoying
  4. For anyone else that ore-ordered, got mine the day. its a belter in the flesh
  5. Too many already on holiday. Shite so far. Barasic is pish
  6. Do we get it back once we’re done with this court case?
  7. If under £6m, pay it
  8. Davis best player in league on current form. Unreal today.
  9. £50k p/w. Scott Brown earns that in a week and half. Let that sink in haha immense
  10. Any idea why it’s not available for pre-order? Desperate to get it for the wee man in time for holiday but frustratingly it’s not an option to pre-order. I assume I’m not alone. Annoying as fuck.
  11. Andy Walker talking shite... I’m shocked
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