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  1. not changing it at all is not good enough we had to change the way the game was going a big let down in the two games againt benfica for me was the way we couldnt change anything in the last 20 mins but we have the players on the bench to change it
  2. the whole point is to disrupt the tempo we had none!
  3. kent should have been off this park 20 mins ago poor management
  4. fresh legs someone who will chase the ball down not fucking rocket science change it
  5. how the fuck gerrard didnt see he had to make changes 5 mins ago is criminal kent needs hooked and should have shored up the midfield shocking the last 20mins
  6. benfica are pressing high up the park and will commit a foul if they lose it if we get the ball over the top quickly we will be in there games far from finished
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