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  1. Hearts?? every bit as gutter scraping as the Hivs ...jakeys the lot of them...
  2. I hope no-one on here is surprised by Griffiths' antics. He's at home in a whole team with an enduring history of low lifes. He's a mediocre talent which unfortunately makes him a 'somebody' in the company he keeps. A legend in his own head and an oxygen thief of the highest degree. Curiously, I suspect there are better role models in life if we care to turn over the next stone..
  3. I was 12. Made the journey on the bus from Fife and sat in the newly-opened centenary stand! In those days I saw more of the Rangers when they were away to local teams in the cup and such like
  4. Expecting the worst, but hoping for the best, for the man
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