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  1. I don't think the club have taken advantage they spent our money wisely and got us 55.
  2. I think many did and it was good to see the club invest the ST money into strengthening the team, unlike some other clubs.
  3. HRH Prince Philips funeral Plans https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56694327 Live Cam
  4. I totally agree. I think Glen's lawyer breaks down that government officials letter very well in his tweets on twitter.
  5. Will the Scottish government have their say to UEFA? The Guardian Czech government official hits out at Uefa over Ondrej Kudela’s racism ban Thu 15 Apr 2021 18.00 BST A senior Czech government official claims Uefa handed a 10-game ban to Ondrej Kudela for abusing Rangers’ Glen Kamara in order to satisfy the “perverted expectations of a small group of activists”. Vratislav Mynar’s intervention came on the day police said they had reported Kudela and Kamara to Scotland’s prosecution service after investigating allegations of racist abuse and assault during the E
  6. It's so sad that such a beautiful game is being ruined by corruption and abuse. The caretakers of the game are really failing in their duties.
  7. They'll only act when the pressure forces them to do so. It's up to all the anti racism groups to keep the pressure on them to force change.
  8. I'm all for this idea, the police would then have the evidence when reported.
  9. Good point. I think they're at it too. It makes me wonder who sits on the disciplinary panels and are they really that gullible to lies. I really think that players should be able to signal the ref when they have been racially abused, The ref should then make a note in is match report and report it to the police and football association for investigation. I think the players association could do more by sending a petition to UEFA to enforce zero tolerance on racism with adequate punishments. I think the SFA should be speaking out more for players suffering any sort of abuse.
  10. The goalie, the club as a whole needs some sort of cognitive behavioral therapy if they think racial abuse is acceptable and it doesn't say much about their country when they have got their politicians wading in to defend Slavia Prague when Kudella is guilty of racist abuse.
  11. It's okay as a start but surely racist abuse is worse than gambling and drug offences which get a bigger punishment.
  12. I don't know why either the ref would have stopped the game if he had thought so or are SP saying the UEFA ref is no good.
  13. Agreed. When did he start wearing the head gear?
  14. https://www.rangers.co.uk/Article/club-statement-140421/3ZMrWU4jTwlF87q7fcchvl RANGERS can confirm that we met with Facebook and Instagram today. This was the first step in constructive dialogue between our club and social media platforms.............
  15. UEFA must have found evidence Kudela racially abused Kamara before they gave him a 10-match ban. If Police Scotland arrive at the same conclusion then I'd presume they would/will deal with by laws of the land rather than UEFA laws.
  16. Agreed they could of and should of sorted it. I hope the club are successful in overturning Kamara and Roofe's sanctions. UEFA need to realize that a 10 match ban doesn't send the zero tolerance message when they are giving bigger sanctions for gambling, the message should be much stronger for racism.
  17. I still think he should sue as if this had happened on the street any good lawyer would argue that his response wouldn't have occurred if he hadn't been racially abused.
  18. Has UEFA charge him for assault or for unsporting behavior?
  19. I totally agree and I hope the club can appeal the decisions made on Kamara and Roofe as the sanctions are imbalanced and shouldn't be excepted by Rangers.
  20. A 10 match ban doesn't really say zero tolerance when players can get 6 months for gambling, but it's a start. I hope Glen decides to sue kudela.
  21. Does anyone know how Waddell replied?
  22. Absolutely fabulous, well done to you
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