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  1. but interesting. The Herald Exclusive by Martin Williams ------------------------------ POLICE Scotland have been alerted to financial irregularities at part-fan-owned St Mirren FC involving commercial agreements and possible non-payment of tax and national insurance. The Scottish Premiership club has called in forensic accountants to carry out what they call a "thorough review of a number of areas of its operations". The Paisley club which is currently 11th in the top tier of Scottish football, said it has informed both HM Revenue and Customs and Police Scotland
  2. It was something about backing the team and sacking the board protest, Hopefully it will be peaceful.
  3. Haven't the Shark brigade already said they are doing more protests?
  4. Is that the money where the Tax goes back to the Scottish Government and not Westminster?
  5. I wonder how many claims for refunds cfc have had so far?
  6. Good Luck to the team, and AMc with his record.. I like how they are focusing on game to game, working as a unit and staying humble about the victory.
  7. Celtic fans threaten season ticket refunds in protest against Lawwell and club board over Lennon future https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18914524.raging-celtic-fans-threaten-season-ticket-refunds-protest-lawwell-club-board/ Celtic supporters make late season ticket refund requests as fed-up fans take protest to board https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/celtic-supporters-make-late-season-19384860
  8. Have you CheckedGoogle Chrome is up to date That you've cleared your browing data history Rebooted Saved a new bookmark for Rangersmedia homepage This is how I got mine working.
  9. Possibly. better not debate it just incase it becomes part of the live cases.
  10. Has Lennon ever been questioned on what he witnessed/experienced at Bennell's home?
  11. My cat loves CatTV, She thinks she can catch the birds
  12. There's a risk but it's up to fans how they deal with it. If they can't sustain it then they will have to sell the shareholding to a investor they trust. Money from the shareholding can go back into the club in other ways. The thing is fans are being offered a chance, something other clubs fans only dream of.
  13. Why? The majority of fans have trusted him so far, he said he would sell them the shares at the right time for what he paid, so he's kept his end of the bargain. The fans now have to raise the cash to buy them and then sustain them like any other shareholder would. If they don't then they sell to somebody that can, he's giving fans a chance to have some responsibilty for the club.
  14. Maybe but I could listen to Andy all day.
  15. I was reading this could it be something similar on chrome? https://www.zdnet.com/article/firefox-bug-crashes-your-browser-and-sometimes-your-pc/
  16. I'm half an hour in and it's worth it. Andy speaking sense.
  17. Looks like his Rangers bussiness friends have won the wager.
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