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  1. Take the fuckin hint Whyte you scabby bastard of a man. YOU'RE NOT WANTED !!! ( except by WVB and Redsox )
  2. Time to take to the streets! I urge as many of you as possible to be there. Time to get Whyte OUT of our club and to show the world what we're all about and what Rangers mean to us all. SaveRangers.com or whatever they call themselves have let us all down. They're not interested in saving Rangers 1872, they want us to back some newco instaed of fighting for the only Rangers that really matter. Mark Dingwall (Suck from FF) has been telling us to keep our 'powder dry'......... Dry for what? We're dying and we've got to act NOW!!! We have these silly pledges when we should have had an emergency fighting fund with £20M sitting in it ready to rescue the club. I can hardly type here for anger and frustration but let's not sit back and do nothing as our club die! I beg you all to get there and let your voices be heard! WHYTE OUT! NO NEWCO! NO LIQUIDATION! NO SURRENDER! See you all at the Players entrance at 7.30 DON'T LET RANGERS DIE!
  3. This is extremely good news and makes liquidation less likely than ever.
  4. I've got mixed feelings on this. I don't want to see players losing their jobs but it could be argued that we'd be no worse off without some of them.
  5. And Whyte's days in charge are almost over ! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/foo...aig-Whyte.html
  6. Dan Sten Olsson rumoured to be part of TBK consortium with Sir Walter named as Chairman. As I say, only a rumour........
  7. The Big Man's drove up yesterday to help the squad in any way he can through this awful period. It's people like Big Davie that remind you of just what a special club we are. We truly are The People. NSDW
  8. Traynor- "Celtic DID renege on a deal over Old Firm tickets...the Celtic statement is wrong and may be removed soon..if it hasn't already" "If Peter Lawwell wants to come up to my office I can show him the evidence i have that proves otherwise" "We would hear no more about it"
  9. As a number of our players and staff face being made redundant imminently, I wonder how Sir David Murray feels today. Let's all spare a thought for the captain of industry as he struggles to select his next bottle of red and decide whether he'll have succulent lamb or juicy lobster for his dinner. Thanks for destroying my football club and then selling it the absolute bastard that is Craig Whyte, you utterly hateful parasite of a man. On your head, this awful day lies.
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