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  1. If you dont have Sky sign up to NOW TV and use the Entertainment Pass 7 day free trial shows Sky One.
  2. http://www.vipbox.nu/football/497636/1/rangers-vs-hearts-live-stream-online.html
  3. Started work at seven and been getting stick all fuckin morning from Dundee/ United fans.Thank fuck there's no tims in my section.
  4. Would like to stay holed up at home tomorrow instead of going to work,
  5. This is great news, I can buy a new mug for my tea at work and wind up the Dundee Hivs fans. Is it ok to buy non Rangers stuff at Sports Direct now.
  6. Looking forward to work tommorow cant fuckin wait to wind the arab cunts up.
  7. Thats the one, am no good at doin links
  8. Playing well,happy with this.Hamilton are shite looks like their fans are boycotting this.
  9. Well done lads, could maybe have won that fuckin Gordon saved them.
  10. Great result and much better display,think i'll have a bevvy.
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