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  1. Eveybody knows that these cunts are strong when playing at the dump, but they still only got one point. Let's just wait and see how they get on away from the dump. Astana!
  2. Oh, I can't hear you, I can't hear you. That's because they've positioned the speakers right above your head you prick
  3. septic are still going nowhere in this competition. Commentators saying that this is the 'perfect' game of football. We'll certainly not be hearing the end of this shite.
  4. I'd laugh my head off for weeks if the thumb comes on and they get beat.
  5. What a good reason for City to pull the finger out, c'mon you City wimps
  6. They're going on so much about their 66/67 Ye Olde European cup success I think they're trying to say, without saying that they've got a chance again this year. Journo's are really, really funny at times.
  7. Wait a minute! Did I miss something, have City equalised? FFS, the commentator didn't scream the place don there then.
  8. septic will still be lucky to get into the Europa imho
  9. Unbelievable, and the English commentator is going berserk!
  10. And so the myth making starts, this will carry on even if City win 5-2. Guaranteed.
  11. I'm listening to this game on Radio 5, for obvious reasons, but even though Pat Nevin is one of the commentators, the others are both English and almost supporting septic. Never have a every heard an Englishman support a Scottish team over an English one. Then again, by listening to this station fairly regular, I have heard more than one presenter claiming to be of Irish decent, which is very believable.
  12. I can't even see the pictures and I know they always dive about like fuck. Hit the dirt specialists I used to call them and nothing has changed. Back to equal terms, 2-2, just get the 3 pts Man City, we're going to suffer enough about their bravery even if you do win, so try not to give them any points.
  13. Man City have come to Scotland thinking that they're princes way to good for Scottish football. I hope they hurry up and get their act together as there's a danger of septic feeding off this.
  14. Equesy peksey, 1-1 and they were on top, they better not tire after their usual effort to get the fist goal, or there will be a barrow load against them. C'mon City! Is golden!
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