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  1. Remember it well. Thanks for the memories gazza1
  2. Can mind watching numan before he arived and thot he was special. Was also excited when we signed arveladze and capucho haha
  3. Goram v van hoijdonk twice win it everytime for me. Can mind a charbonier save v larsson header at ibrox think it ended in a draw not sure can any1 mind what game I'm talkn about
  4. no blue tinted glasses here but I honestly can't pick between goram n schmeichel
  5. I just want to say a massive thanks to all our players,fans and managememt team without use this wouldn't be possible. I went to the pub on my own because all my cardboard rangers friends wanted to stay at home and hide behind the couch but I had the battle fever on and was determined to go out fighting with my head held high and my god was it high. If you look back at when we win it at parkhead they shamed there club and scotland in front of the watching world yet us 2a man win with class and dignity and I've never been prouder. Thank you everyone its a pleasure to be part of this great club
  6. Sorry for your loss mate hope your dad davie c slim jim n the big yin r doing the bouncy together on sunday
  7. Peter grunt in tears as laudo dances bye him in the dvd is still priceless after all these years. Brian laudrup we trully are not worthy. Thanks for everything. Gave me some of the best moments in my life
  8. I'm up for the job. Say aye tae a killie pie
  9. I'd start the interview with you've lost.now why don't u go home
  10. Didn't get the penalty coz he didn't get his mum a mothers day present
  11. Killie pies for tea followed by ice cream n jelly for desert. Fk u celtic you'll never win the treble
  12. Killie pies for tea followed by ice cream n jelly for desert. Fk u celtic you'll never win the treble
  13. Stand up stand up knees bent knees bent a rozi cha a rozi cha a rozi cha cha I'm singing in the rain just singing in the rain. Once a ranger always a ranger. Gazza live 4ever
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